the PBster now.

PB is growing up so fast. I remember hearing cliche ‘sayings’ when I was pregnant with him….’they grow up so fast’, ‘it is the best time of your life’, ‘kiss your sleep goodbye’…So far, these have all been dead on. Seriously, I just don’t think its comprehensible until it happens, but man oh man, I love that kid, and he grows and changes every day. Enough sappiness, here’s what he’s into/doing right now (3 days away from 6 months):

-Eating big boy foods! Faves so far are bananas, apples, pears, and squash.
-Laughing-he loves to laugh at noises he hears.
-Jumping-his #1 favorite thing, and really has been for several months. This kids loves to jump. If you hold him, he jumps. If you stand him up, he jumps. If he’s feet are on any surface, he will jump.
-Making noises-he loves to blow with his tongue and to jabber (he’s jabbered mamammamamamamamam and dadadadadadad a couple of times!)
-Screaming-not in a bad way though. It’s like he wants see how loud his voice will go.
-Coughing-he’s learned to cough without really needing to. We call it his sympathy cough.
-Sitting up-he will sit up for a couple of seconds by himself, but it is hard to get him to do. He would MUCH rather stand. He stiffens those little legs up and arches his back so he doesn’t have to sit.
-Trying to crawl-though it ends in a classic face plant.
-Sucking his toes-he’s been after those things for a while now, and finally caught them!
-Sleeping! Decently, at least. Usually bedtime is 9-9:30, and he wakes up around 6.
-Scratching his face, forehead, and ears when he gets sleepy-it seems to be his sleepy/anxious habit.

I thought of this the other day…what if babies had personals?
PB’s: Long, skinny, slightly bald boy baby seeks attractive and interesting girl baby. I enjoy jumping, sucking my toes and bottle, riding in my stroller, taking baths with my sailboats, and sleeping with my butt in the air. You must not drool, and should be able to intiate and carry on intelligent conversation in baby language. You should also be able to operate pertinent machinery, such as toy trucks and a super speed walker….just a thought:)

Not too much going on in the R house right now. Our big 2 year anniversary is around the corner. We are so blessed to have each other 🙂 He still makes me just as giddy as he did when we first met, and I still make him pick his clothes off of the floor. We’re a good match!


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