PB’s birthday story (part ii).

I was scheduled to be induced a week early on November 8, 2010, due to my blood pressure. We would go in at 12:00 a.m. that Monday morning. What a surreal day Sunday was! When you are getting induced, you know what is about to happen. Ben and I kept thinking that tomorrow, Lord willing, we would be parents and have a new little boy! I think this sums up how we felt that day: @*(#&&*!&*!(!@)@()!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)(@*((!!!!!!!!!!)@@*(*(@

The drive to the hospital that night was weird. We were both pretty tired, but really excited too. We kept thinking the next time we were in that car together, there would be a little man in the backseat. We got to the hospital and walked about 78 miles to the OB floor. We checked in and went to our room. I got in my sexy hospital gown and hopped on the bed to fill out all the paperwork, you know, the papers that release them from liability in the unlikely event of your/your child’s death. VERY comforting. I was surprisingly calm and was thinking it wasn’t that bad actually. After all, this was my 3rd time there in the past 2 months. And then, it happened. The IV. The nurse came in and told me she would start the IV. DANGIT! I forgot I had to get one of those. Suddenly my cheery disposition and calm attitude went haywire, and I was looking for easy escape routes. The IV had to be the single most dreaded event of labor and delivery for me. After I begged the nurse not to give me one, and to just ‘pretend’ there was an IV in my arm, she stuck me. I wanted to cry, scream, and suck my thumb all at once. The penicillin drip I had was icing on the cake. OUCH!

The pitocin would start at 8 the next morning, so the nurses told us both to get some rest. It’s so funny that they tell you that. Really, who can rest in a hospital bed with an IV sticking out of your skin? Not me. So Ben napped and I watched the clock. My mom was supposed to get there at 7:00. At 3:30 a.m., she walked in my room, ready to go. I do love that woman.

The rest of the early morning was fairly uneventful. PB was handling the contractions very well. I was dilated to 6 cm, so I got the epidural. Long needle…in my back…I don’t want to talk about it. It lowered my blood pressure, so they gave me a shot of epinephrine, which increased my bp and heart rate. I felt a little funky after that, so I really don’t remember much more until the nurse came in to check me and said “it’s go time!”

By this point, my epidural was wearing off on one side, so I was feeling a lot and felt semi-delirious. My dad had been in the room watching Bonanza, so I have this fuzzy picture of my doctor, a med student, my nurse, mom, and Ben standing in the room trying to deliver PB while the Bonanza theme song was playing in the background. I pushed for around 30 minutes, and at 3:13 p.m., out popped PB! That was an amazing, surreal moment. I’ll never forget seeing him for the first time. He was blue and covered in gunk, and was still the most beautiful thing I’d ever laid eyes on. Ben and I were in awe. God blessed us this new little life to love, take care of, and raise to honor the Lord. How did He trust us so much to give us this sweet boy?

We had a whirlwind of friends and family to visit us at the hospital. It was such a joy watching everyone getting to meet our new little guy. I especially enjoyed the times at night, when it was just Ben, PB, and I. Ben and I would lay in the hospital bed, and we’d look over beside of us, and there was this precious little baby, looking at us with his big blue eyes. It was in that moment that we realized what an incredible blessing he was, what a huge responsibility we have now, and how much fun the rest of our lives is going to be!

Truthfully speaking, I had a wonderful pregnancy and delivery. I’m a big sissy when it comes to doctors, hospitals, and the like (have I mentioned that already?), but honestly, things went as good as I could have imagined and turned out perfectly. I don’t think I truly realized that I gave birth to another life until I got home and had time to reflect on the whole experience. When I think about my pregnancy and birth journey, I can do nothing but praise the Lord. He was and is so good to us. I love that I serve such a faithful God. When you need Him the most, He is there. I look at PB and feel so blessed that God chose us to be his parents. I know that the Lord has great things in store for him, and I pray that Ben and I can raise PB to please the Lord. He blessed us with such an awesome little life, and I hope that we can use our lives to glorify and honor Him. I look forward to this new journey as parents. When you take one look at that little snarled up nose and crooked smile, you can tell we’re going to have our hands full……


One thought on “PB’s birthday story (part ii).

  1. Hi! I just found your blog via a very thoughtful post on MarriageConfessions and wanted to say hi! I, too, was induced for he delivery of my baby boy, and it was a great experience. And I see that your little one scratches himself as he falls asleep, too, just like ours. I haven't yet come across another baby who does that, so I guess I feel like we have a cyberspace baby connection. I hope that doesn't come across as creepy. . . Just wanted to say hi and many blessings to your family!


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