our casa.

my great granny, great granddad, and papaw as a baby in front of our little old house.

Talk about a blessing. When Ben and I were planning our wedding, we were also remodeling an old farmhouse that was built by my great-granddad. He and my granny lived in that old house their entire married lives. It started as a one room shack, and he eventually added 4 more rooms, plus a bathroom. My great-granddad died a year before I was born, and my granny died 6 years after that. For years, that old house sat abandoned. My papaw ended up renting it out a few times, and for the last several years, his step-daughter and her son lived there.

When Ben and I got engaged, the good Lord blessed us beyond imagination. My papaw said we could live in that old house if we wanted. It was considered ‘livable’, but we could and would probably need to fix it up. And we could stay there as long as we wanted. YES, PLEASE!

So we worked, and worked, and worked a little more, gutting the majority of the house as we went. With the help of an excellent handyman and my family, we were able to get the little old house in shape in about 5 months. I am so thankful for that little old house and that farm. Growing up, I didn’t have a concept of a yard because my ‘yard’ was a big farm that I could run wild on and build 2653 forts and treehouses. It’s funny, though, when I was younger I would get so mad at my dad for making me work in cows and tobacco on the weekend. I would long for a big city life that would get me the heck off of that farm. Now, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I feel so blessed that God led us back to this little old house on the farm. I am so thankful that we’ll be able to raise PB with no ‘yard’ and we’ll be able to watch him run wild and build 2654 forts and treehouses.

I am so thankful for my sweet great-grandparents that built that little old house. It is so special to me knowing that they started off as ‘knewlyweds’ in that little old house, and they lived there until the day they died. That house has a lifetime of memories in it. And I hope we make a million more.

Farm behind the little old house.

View from our afternoon walks.


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