‘snot’ funny

PB has snotty nose. I don’t really know if it is from a cold or from teething, because we think we are starting to see two teeth coming through. I know, sniff, sniff. Already getting teeth. Next thing I know, he’ll be trying to sneak some girls into his crib (literally and figuratively speaking).

PB HATES when we wipe his nose or use those little booger suckers. But honestly, what kid likes that? I’m 24 and hate to blow my own nose. I can’t imagine someone else sticking utensils up my nose.

But PB does think this ‘mucus’ is funny. Mom says, its ‘snot’ funny. Yesterday, I changed shirts about 5 times during an 8-hour time frame. We had a bit of a routine going. He’d sneeze, blow out some ‘mucus’, laugh, I’d change shirts, and then we’d repeat the process. Seriously, do kids this young know to be ‘mischievous’? He would sneeze in my shirt, and laugh about it! SNOT FUNNY KID!

His little personality is starting to show so much right now. I love it! He’s got so much spunk. He’s such a busy little kid right now. Everything grabs his attention. He loves anything that isn’t a toy. Paper, strings, boxes, you name it, if it’s not a toy, he wants it. This has been a tad frustrating for his parents who have got a little old house covered in toys right now.

On a side note, yesterday I took lots of new pictures I was wanting to put on the site, but I can’t figure out how to work Flickr. So I’m asking my imaginary readers, if you have a blog, do you store pictures on your computer or through a site like Flickr? If you use Flickr, how the heck does it work?


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