hard work.

For the first time in what seems like several years, Ben and I had a ‘free’ Saturday. At home. With no ‘real’ work that needed to be done. We didn’t know what to do with ourselves. For the past two years, our weekends have consisted of fixing up the little old house or doing some kind of farm work. This Saturday we had no obligations. None. Nada. That is when the following conversation ensued:

Ben: “Gosh, I feel like we need to be working on something”.
Me: “Yeah I know, I feel like I need to be productive, this is weird not having any work to do”.
Ben: “If we had a table saw, we could try and make a table or something”.

If I could love that man any more, it happened right then and there. I LOVE fixing/building/making anything and everything, though I am such a rookie at it all. My dream would be to outfit my new, and of this moment, imaginary, home with furniture that I had refinished, or even (GULP) made. To have my husband on board with my love of refinished furniture? BLISS!

We were pumped up. Ready to make something. Ready to go to Lowe’s and buy anything. I tend to get overly excited the majority of the time and my mind races, so by this point I had already decided that we would go to Lowe’s and buy a table saw and come back home and go to our little old shed and attempt to build 3 beds, a farmhouse table, 2 console tables, a couple of benches, and a buffet for our imaginary new house (disclaimer: I have used a table saw one time). I would do the beds in an antique white finish, and the farmhouse table would seat at least six.

I was so stoked I could hardly stand it. We hurried and got ready, popped PB in the car, and off to the pool we went……………… NEXT Saturday we’ll make the furniture 😉

No pool picture, but I did snap this smiley boy last week 🙂


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