7 months

PB turned 7 months last week and is in to everything right now. He is getting very hard to hold right now because he wants to climb around and explore everything he sees. Seriously, I’ll be carrying him around the house, and I’ll look down at his hands, and he’ll either have toilet paper, pants, a remote control, or paper that he’s swiped from various places in the house. He loves to ‘rough house’ with Ben now. Ben will tickle and ‘wrestle’ with PB and grins and laughs the whole time. (Speaking of, baby laughter=the cure for any and all ailments). Here’s what he’s doing/into now:

-The ‘army’ crawl: Yep, he’s finally semi-mobile. He started scooting along the floor, using his arms to pull the rest of his little body, like its dead weight or something. He’s not quite figured out how to bring his knees into the picture.
-Teeth: He’s got 2 teefers now! They are both on the bottom. One is very visible, and the other is starting to become visible, though it is still a little swollen.
-Sitting: PB sits great now, and has been sitting well now for a couple of weeks.
-Jabbering: He’s ‘talking’ a lot more now. He squeals and laughs now. He’s also still screaming (not fussing), seemingly to see how loud his voice can go.
-Attitude: Ben and I are beginning to see a little attitude. If he’s chewing on something and we take it away, he’ll lock his legs and fuss. He’s also become more vocal when he doesn’t want to do something or doesn’t get his way. Hmm, wonder where he gets that from……….
-Outside: He LOVES to be outside. It’s the cure for everything. If he’s fussing, take him outside. If he’s sleepy, take him outside. If he’s hungry, take him outside. If he thinks he’s ready to start dating, take him outside.
-Animals: PB loves his dogs right now. He laughs and smiles at them. He’s also trying to grab their fur, which is becoming a tiny problem.
-Clapping: Though he’s not started clapping yet, he likes if you clap for him. It’s the cutest thing. We’ll ‘throw’ ball with him, and when he catches it (aka, lands in his lap) we clap. And he gets so excited, like he’s really accomplished something.
-The ‘mama’ whine: When he’s starting to get fussy, he’ll start the ‘mama’ whine. “Mamamamamamamamamamama”, he’ll sound so pitiful!
-Solid food champ: He likes to eat ‘big boy foods’ now. He likes most all foods now, except plain greens (beans or peas). So we get mixed veggies or garden veggies for him.
-Water: We bought him a little plastic pool and he loves it. One day, I caught PB and his daddy in this TINY plastic pool. Water was spilling out everywhere. I’m excited to see how he likes the beach in a few weeks.

I love that little booger and I thank God for these past 7 months. We are so very blessed 🙂


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