man things.

I love him. He’s vaaanderful. He’s my best friend, the father of my bebe, the fixer of broken things, the wiper of poopy baby butts. He’s quite the catch!
But..he’s still a man. A man who does ‘man’ things. Like pretending he’s listening to me when I am committing one of the greatest unwritten biblical sins: talking during a college football game on tv. Involving a SEC team. Gasp. I know, I should be stoned to death as I am typing this.
Or leaving his clothes on the floor instead of in the laundry basket, because, you know, that might require him to take 2 more steps, and walking isn’t to be wasted.
Or leaving his socks everywhere. Everywhere. I swear, they multiply. The man has more socks than Imelda Marcos had shoes.  Little black socks. He takes them off and wads them into little black socks balls, and I find them everywhere. I have dreams about them. They haunt me.
Or leaving dishes scattered around the house. Or leaving the toilet seat up so I that I fall in during my midnight visit………
You get the point.
But this:
This is new.

I like to call this one the “I’m-looking-for-one-of-my-(cursed)-black-socks-and-instead-of-closing-each- drawer-after-I’m-finished-searching-it-I-will-pull-out-the-proceeding-drawer-even-further-because-I-can’t- be-bothered-with-such-trivial-matters-as-drawer-closing” man thing.

Looks kinda like artwork, doesn’t it?

I learn something new every day.


8 thoughts on “man things.

  1. You make me laugh out loud every time! Nick is always leaving his socks in the most disconcerting of places. And I swear the man doesn't know how to shut a cabinet or drawer. Our kitty Pistachio likes to show him the error of his ways by jumping in and snuggling up in his clean clothes.

    And can I even talk about the obsession with collegiate athletics? We live two miles from LSU. The months between baseball and football seasons are the only respite I get from tailgating every weekend!


  2. Too funny! Have you seen the movie “Date Night?” We always joke about this–we are both guilty of it. This blog is officially on my blogroll. 🙂 Also, I had trouble subscribing via email, anyone else??


  3. Tinybluelines-YES! I've seen that and I have to laugh:) Thanks for your sweet words! I was unaware of the email subsription problem. I'll look into it. I also have NO clue how to reply to comments. Any help? Blogging is new to me, and I don't know much about how to operate one!


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