PB’s 8 months

Well, actually its like 8 1/2 months, but better late than never, right? How is my little baby 8 months old? Wasn’t I just carrying him around in my tummy, feeling his sweet little kicks? To say they grow up fast is an understatement. But I’m thankful for every day he grows and every day we get to watch him grow. The Lord has surely blessed us.

 Here’s what he’s doing/into at 8 months:

-Saying ‘dada’ alllllll the time. Everyone is dada. It seems to be his first ‘word’. He’s said dada and mama and other things in the past, but this seems to be his first word that he’s trying to use as a way of trying to communicate.When I Ben and I come home from work, he starts. Dadadadadadadada. All evening long. I love it!

-Pulling himself up. He’s been pulling up now for a couple of weeks. He’ll grab on to his crib and pull himself up and then smile all over his self when he’s standing. He loves to stand. He’s always loved to stand but now, its really all he wants to do. If you sit him down, he cries. If you lay him down, he cries. That boy is ready to walk!

-Still army crawling. He’s took a couple of ‘real’ crawls, but always reverts back to the army crawl because he knows that will get him somewhere fast. The crawls never last long because he’s always on a mission to find something to pull up to.

-Drinking water. He’s been drinking water for a couple of months now, but this kid seriously loves water. It’s so funny. He would rather have water over just about anything. He hates juice. He wants ice-cold water. Last night, he drank half of Ben’s cup of water at dinner. He’s a little hog!

-Sleeping like a good boy. I can’t complain. PB sleeps good. He’s usually down by 9ish, and he’ll wake up around 6ish every day. 9 hours straight isn’t bad. He’s been doing this, more or less, for about 3 or 4 months now. Occasionally he’ll have a bad night, but other than that, we’re pleased. Now if we couldn’t explain to him what a weekend was…

-Dropping things. He’s discovered that he can drop things now. So that’s what he does. Everything you put in his hands, he drops so he can pick it up. He’s discovered cause and effect and loves it.

-Loves his dogs. He’s always smiled at his dogs, but now he’s squealing and grabbing at them when he sees them. We’re trying to show him the concept of ‘petting’ as opposed to yanking wads of dog hair. No progress yet!
-Doesn’t like babies. He’s always seemed to love older kids (about 2 and up) but he just doesn’t seem to like babies his age. If he gets too close to a baby, he cries or reaches for me. This bothers me a little. I hope its just a stage. He’s back in daycare and he’ll be soon getting to the age of playing with other kids. I want him to be able to make friends and have fun with kids his own age.

-Exploring. He’s at the age now where he’s into everything that he can get his little fingers on. Seriously, he doesn’t hold still. He’s always on the lookout for something to grab. The only time he ever sits still is when he’s eating. And half of that time is spent trying to wiggle out of his chair.

-Playing. He’s just getting to the age where he’s playing with Ben and I. Last night, when he was gulping Ben’s water at dinner, he’d look over at Ben, take a drink, push the cup away, wait for Ben to laugh, and then he’d laugh and do it again.

Sometimes I still feel like I’m babysitting someone else’s baby. How in the world do we have a baby? How in the world is he already 8 months old? How in the world did we make it through those first couple of weeks? How in the world do I still look 4 months pregnant after I eat dinner?

Some of life’s greatest mysteries.

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