fall, ya’ll.

I’m so excited for fall I can hardly stand it. It is my most favorite time of year. Football, leaves, pumpkins, soups, apple cakes, fires….it really can’t get much better than that. I love the smell of the air that time of year. After a long, hot summer, I think I’ll drive with my head out my window, and sniff the fall air the whole month of October. Yes, I believe I’ll do that.

Pinterest has kicked up my desire for fall in such a way that words cannot explain. Pictures can only do justice:

Mums in ya pumpkins. Awesome idea! Source here.

Beautiful entry. Source here.

Pumpkin Topiary. How cute is that? Source here.
Chicken Enchilada slow cooker soup. Y-to tha U-M. Source here.

Old fashioned apple slab. I’m going to try this asap. Source here.
Taco chili. Two of my favorite foods, married together at last. Source here.

Crockpot Apples. Since I fell in love with  my cp, this is a must-try! Source here.

This fall means PB’s first Halloween! Oh the pressure of finding his first Halloween costume! Way back when I was a wee little tot, my favorite tv show was the A-Team. I know, I know. I was a weird kid. Anyway, Mr. T. was the M-A-N. So when I came across this

Source here.

my kiddie heart jumped and clapped for joy! A baby Mr. T.! How stinkin’ cute is that!??! Now I know Ben and I could think of a million other things for PB’s costume, but come on, man, look at that beard! I’m afraid, though, that most people wouldn’t have a clue what he was. I’m a nerd, and most people probably haven’t watched, or even heard of the A-Team. Oh well, a girl can dream…….

On a side note, I went Goodwill thrifting this week and picked up couple of goods, one of them being this:

It’s a mirror (that I covered with painter’s tape and newspaper in preparation for its makeover) that will find its new home in PB’s room. I’m super pumped about it, as I’ve been looking for a good (cheap) mirror for his room for about a year now. I got this one for………..$8.00! It’s nice and heavy, and it was in great shape. I’ll post some pictures once its done. What about ya’ll? Have you had any awesome Goodwill/consignment shop finds lately?


14 thoughts on “fall, ya’ll.

  1. I loooove all of your pinterest pictures for Fall. It is my absolute favorite season too. When I was a little kid, my favorite season was summer. Now, I love it for about 3 weeks and am then officially over the heat. What a great Goodwill find! I am shamefully scared to rummage around in there… the blogging world is starting to change my mind!


  2. I love fall too! And now that I am a momma, I appreciate the sweater/jeans weather–it's a little more forgiving to the figure. 🙂 Did ya'll plant pumpkins? We have 3 in the garden so far, can't wait to see if they turn out and we can have our own little fall tradition!


  3. Summer is my favorite season and I'm sad to see it go, but your beautiful pictures of fall warm my heart! PB would be an AWESOME Mr. T! Make him a shirt that says “I pity the fool!”

    That mirror is delightful! I love the shape of it!


  4. Found your blog because you commented near me on Young House Love. Those Apple Slabs look amazing! Thanks for posting the source of the recipe. I will definitely be trying it out!



  5. I'm a fall fanatic! It figures, then, that I'd have to live in two places for six years that have no seasons. I've been pinning a ton of fall stuff anyway. You have some great ones!


  6. Oh, and I almost died when I saw the Mr. T costume a couple weeks ago. We're trying to decide if its funny or cruel and, like you, if anybody else would get it. =)


  7. Oohhh I love fall for all the same reasons…and I've got to try those crockpot apples! As for goodwill…I want to go look for some things for my classroom, but I know ive spent too much already on school! My poor husband is about to be eating rice and beans because of it!


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