mirror makeover.

Ben was out of town this weekend, so it was just me and the PB. I had so much fun with him. He’s got such a personality! We played trucks, jumped on the bed, and crawled all over the place. I cherish the ‘mommy and me’ time now. I know that one day, I’ll probably wear momma-long-butt jeans, Keds, and bobby socks, and he’ll think I’m a total geek. Spending time with me will be so uncool. Until then, I’m gonna play trucks and ninja turtles with him until I can’t see straight……

Anyway, remember this:

My $8.00 Goodwill mirror? I’ve been wanting a mirror in PB’s nursery for a while now, but never found one that I liked and was willing to fork out the $$$ for. So when I ran across this baby at the GW, I saw some major potential. I wiped it down and whipped out my clearance spray paint ($1.00 at the Dollar General!). I would usually sand something like this first because it had a clear finished coat on top, and I usually wouldn’t use spray paint, but PB’s naptime was almost up, and I knew I didn’t have much time, so I decided to take a chance and see what happened. I was super pleased with the end result:


The spray painted still showed some of the cracks in the wood, which made it looked distressed and a bit antiqued. I love that!


We had a blank space above his bookshelf that you see when you first walk in the door. I love adding mirrors to rooms because it makes them seem much bigger than they actually are (which is a grand thing for a small nursery)!


It’s amazing what a can of spray paint and 10 minutes can do for somebody’s old ‘junk’. It works perfectly for the space, and for a whopping $9 project, I can’t complain!

Speaking of another’s junk, I got that bookshelf and the chest of drawers (barely visible on the right) at an estate auction for $30. I sanded it down (with the help of my in-laws), and slapped a couple of coats of white paint and a sealant on it, and we put them in the nursery. We bought the Graco Lauren Convertible crib at Target (barely visible on the left). At the time, I think we got it for $150. And then I refinished an armoire from my old bedroom at my parent’s house (not pictured). So the total cost for his nursery furniture was $180. That isn’t too bad, considering we got a bookshelf, chest of drawers, armoire, and crib. To buy a set like that would have been over $500.

What about ya’ll? Have you recently completed any Goodwill makeovers that you are loving? Do share!

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2 thoughts on “mirror makeover.

  1. I love how the frame came out! I've been itching to ORB something myself after seeing Sherry do it so much on her blog.

    Getting the permit is the first step but now I've got to get over the thought of actually carrying a gun a lot of the time. I work for the University of Florida and they do not even allow us to have them in our vehicles on campus. I don't even much care for guns so that is another issue. BUT I will say that I think carrying one in certain places will make me feel a lot better about things. Have a great week!


  2. You go girl! I love finding vintage pieces at garage sales then painting them bright colors…so fun! And my fav piece of furniture is our buffet, which we rescued from my aunts BARN. They were storing feed in it…what were they thinking?! All it took was a little old English rub & it looks great in my living room!


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