on budgets and blogging.

Thank you ALL for your responses about your food budget! It’s always so interesting for me to read about how others budget for different expenses. Plus, I love to learn tips and tricks that you use to help cut costs.

After reading your comments and other blogs, I’ve came to a conclusion about budgets and blogging:

-To each their own. My biggest problem is that I will read a blog or watch a show (Extreme Couponing) and really beat myself up about not being as diligent in couponing. Or diy-ing. Or making my own baby food/cleaning supplies/clothes, etc. But I think what it really boils down to is my time. What do I want to spend my time/energy on? ‘Extreme couponers’ probably spend a good deal of time clipping coupons and researching prices and visiting stores. Right now, I just don’t spend the amount of time necessary to really make myself an extreme couponer. And honestly, I just don’t think I could give up 5 or 6 hours on a Sunday evening clipping like a mad woman as I’ve seen done on the shows.

Charlotte brought up a good point: stop beating ourselves up! It’s so easy to think that when someone spends way less than you on groceries that you are doing something wrong. But in reality, you may just choose to eat out more or buy more food. But the person you are comparing yourself to may spend way more than you on entertainment. Or bills. Or shopping. To each their own!

Sometimes, I think the problem with blogging is that it gives us unrealistic expectations. I’m so guilty of this. I’ll see a blog where someone does incredible home improvement projects and their home looks like a million bucks and is so well kept. Then I’ll get to looking at our little old house and realize that it looks like a train just derailed in the living room. I’ll get down on myself about not keeping a cute and tidy house. But then I have to realize I’m looking at a one-sided picture. Home improvement/diy is what they choose to focus on. The same goes for couponing blogs. And photography blogs. And fashion blogs. This is what they choose to focus on. You (usually) only see that side of their life. And it usually looks wonderful, leaving me feeling like I waste money, take pictures like a 5 year old, and dress like Yoda. 

I didn’t mean to get off on a tangent about blogging. I guess, though, that this is really helping me define and refine what I want for my blog. I want my blog to be about my life. I’m not a super mom, fancy wife, extreme couponer, chef extraordinaire, perfect Christian, diy-superstar, or fashionista. I’m a new wife and a new mom who buys most of her clothes at Target. I routinely burn gravy and ask for God’s forgiveness far too often. I enjoy learning new ways to save money for my family. Sometimes I like to make things for my house. Sometimes I like to try new recipes. Sometimes I like to clean obsessively. And then other times I like to write about my messy house. I like sharing ideas with ya’ll. And getting ideas from ya’ll. And I like dessert.

My hope is that when you leave my blog you think “oh my gosh, I’m not alone!” (or “that girl needs help!”). I love thematic blogs. I love blogs that focus on topics, whether its cooking, decorating, diy-ing, marriage, or parenting. I’ve got tons bookmarked on my computer. I get so much inspiration from these blogs. I think we all do. I think sometimes, for me, I just get too wrapped up in them and leave feeling inadequate. It’s important to remember we are not perfect. We all have strengths and weaknesses. My hope is that we can learn from each other. I don’t want you to feel bad about your spending habits. I was just hoping we could learn from one another. And maybe help a girl out, ya know?

With all that being said, I really enjoyed reading the comments about your budgets. Thanks so much for your suggestions! I was inspired! I feel like this is something I want to expand on. Maybe weekly budget posts? Maybe guest bloggers? Maybe couponing tips from guest bloggers? Maybe budget breakdowns?

In the meantime:

A few things about these pictures: 1. Our bathroom is not yellow. 2. I’ve had this shirt since I was 7. It was a nightgown then. Now its a belly shirt and has so many holes that it’s a bit vulgar. I just can’t part with it. 3. I’m not using the bathroom. I am, in fact, trying to dry my hair. But my son loves my hair dryer, and can do nothing but try to climb to get to it. Never did I imagine that drying my hair would turn into a complete workout. After he used his little feet to climb up the front of the potty, I had to hold him the entire time I dried my hair. For 15 minutes. With my left arm. Or else face the wrath of the little ninja. I would like to report that my left arm is still tingling, and I plan on getting a hair cut in the very near future. Thank you.

12 thoughts on “on budgets and blogging.

  1. hahaha i love the pic! and definitely agree to each their own, i watched extreme couponing yesterday and felt the same way. hahah, those women spend 35 hours a week couponing and make their kids cut them too. i find the best thing to do after watching couponing, and hgtv diy shows is to finish the day with hoarders. this has boosted my self esteem to believe that i am not perfect however, on most days you can still see the floor in our house:) btw you soo inspired me to finally blog haha, its nice to know someone else that is not from Timbuktu can speak their mind online and not get verbally bashed for it! xo


  2. I can totally relate to this post. I have wanted to start a blog for a really long time but my mind goes a mile a minute on so many random things I could never really focus on one thing. I recently started a blog about me and my life(my jewelry box :)) and I love that I'm random and real. I hope other women can relate to me as a real person. I do LOVE all the “theme” blogs I follow and they give me inspiration and at times leave me feeling a bit inadaquit too. Hang in there, you have your loyal followers(me!) that love you, your real life, your blog.


  3. I needed to read this today – sometimes it's so hard not to compare ourselves with one another. And I definitely think women have a harder time with this than men.
    I too am trying to define my direction..with the blog, parenting, marriage. For me, it really all has to start with basic Bible principles and then learning what I'm willing to spend time on.
    Great post!! And super cute baby boy!


  4. Ahh, we have so much in common. I, too, try to make my blog “real,” and my son also has weird obsessions-water bottles and my dirty flip flops. =P


  5. Preach it sister. I used to look at home decor blogs and they'd say something like “This was a steal – we only paid $800 for it!” and inside I cringed and my eyes bugged out because that's more than what we pay for rent. Blog world has so many pros and cons… I think it's easy to get caught up in other people's lives but you said it: ultimately we realize what's right for us. Like I dunno… finding free tv's in a dumpster instead of paying $1200 for a flatscreen. Not everyone is going to be Miss Perfect Everything but I think real blogs are way more interesting than fake ones and its better when you get to see the screw-ups right along with the successes because that's life. *cue inspirational movie music* Love your blog and I too suffer from Yellow Room Picture Syndrome… You are definitely crazy and need help but that's what I love – because I'm those things too! 🙂 Also, I cheat on my groceries. We have a Winco which is seriously like the Budget Wife's Best Friend. PS I love dessert.


  6. Go you! There's a reason I've been reading your blog – and it's because you are real, so keep it up!

    (and did I mention I'm glad I'm not the only one who still has shirts from elementary school?)


  7. It's funny how you can get so wrapped up in other peoples lives because blogging is such a personal experience. You are literally sharing your lives with the whole world! I totally agree about keeping it real. I see these Home decor blogs and have to remind myself all the time that most of those pictures are staged too. I'm all about this is my life…take what you will out of it. I love this post…and love the pics. My boys run for the hills when my hair dryer goes on…


  8. I've been dealing with the same struggle…especially when I read teaching blogs! You can rest assured that when I read yours, I do say “oh good! I'm not alone!”…your day to day life really encourages me as a new wife. Keep it up!


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