ridin’ solo.

Do you smell the fall in the air? Seriously, yesterday, I smelled it. And man oh man did it smell vaaaaanderful!

Fall means football, and football means I ride solo for a while in the evenings while Ben is coaching. For the past three weeks, Ben has been getting home when I’m already in bed, which means it’s me and the little dude all evening long. By the time bedtime rolls around for me, I’m so tired that I’m not quite sure I can even climb in my bed. I’ve contemplated sleeping on the floor because it would mean less physical exertion than climbing in the bed. Single mamas, you rock!

So here’s what our evenings have looked like:

-I come home from work and we play and eat read books for a while. And then I start dinner. Which PB objects to. So then I must get creative.

I pull everything out into the floor. Muffin pans, measuring spoons, blocks, whisks, you name it. If it doesn’t resemble a toy, he’s interested. Now, he’ll be occupied for about 10 minutes. That means I’ve gotta hustle.

Dinner is finished about the same time he’s fed up with the muffin pan. I feed him and eat my supper at the same time. Sometimes I forget what I’m doing and notice that I’ve been eating his food instead. Not bad!

My 10-minute (prep) meal looks like this: lemon-baked tilapia, mac and cheese, broccoli and cheese (do you notice a cheese theme?) and pinterest potatoes! Seriously, found these potatoes on pinterest the other day. It’s a spin on a traditional baked potato, and it was gooooood. Perfect for a quick, weeknight dinner in place of a plain ole’ tater!

After we eat, we play and dance a little. PB’s learning how to dance (bounce) when he hears music. His favorite song so far seems to be ‘Bust a move’. I’m so proud…..

Next up, we feed the calf. He’s in a lot behind our house with a bunch of other cows. I’m hoping that he’s near our house so we don’t have to walk 8172 miles to feed him. Today? He’s 8171 miles from our house.

See him?

Look closer. That little red dot near the tree.
So then I start praying that he’ll actually come when I call him. Because I’m tired and don’t feel like carrying a bottle and a 20 pound baby down in the weeds. God is good tonight (and every night!). He comes to the fence and we feed him.
We head back to the house and PB eats some snack. We watch a little tv. Usually its Sprout. Or the Golden Girls. Or Fresh Prince, cause that’s how I roll. Tonight? Obsessed on Lifetime Movies Network!
We feed the dogs. Kobe and BD (brown dog….creative, I know). I spill dog food on myself and want to cry.
Bath is up last. We play sharks. And ninja turtles.
He trys to catch the water. That entertains him for a loooong time.
Then dad surprises us. He’s home early!

“oh thank heavens, dada, I thought you were NEVER gonna get here!”
And then I zoom out and take a picture of the mess that I won’t be cleaning up tonight.
And then PB goes to sleep. And then I whine and complain (just a little) because I smell like fish, baby food, calf supplement, cow poop, and dog food (but I wouldn’t want it any other way). And then I tell Ben I’m too tired to shower. And then he tells me I’ll be sleeping outside if I don’t take a bath. And then I remind him who cooked him dinner. And then he says he can deal with a fish/cow/dog food smellin’ wife.
I climb in my bed and sleep like a unicorn on a cloud. And, for the record, I did take a shower……
By the way, I reread my post from yesterday, and I hope that you didn’t take it the wrong way. Beautiful Jen pointed out a similar post from Jones Design Company (holy cow, a beautiful, inspirational design blog!) and she really hit the nail on the head (thanks Jen!). She said exactly what I wanted to say, except she said it much better! I love reading blogs. All types, really. Sometimes, though, they leave me feeling like I don’t measure up, ya know? Whatever blog I’ve read that day, whether its about couponing, cooking, diy-ing, or sky-diving, I end up feeling like I don’t coupon enough, don’t cook good enough, or that I’m just not enough. I must remind myself that I am ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ (Psalm 139:14). We all are…..

7 thoughts on “ridin’ solo.

  1. I LOVE this post today…it is how I feel everyday! At least you can juggle PB and cook dinner; I can't even do that much. And I feel like I sleep “like a unicorn on a cloud” as well. Haha loved that line! I'm going to borrow that from you, if you don't mind.

    It's hard work getting babies to bed in the evening. My reality will be that everyday come September 1st when my husband goes back on the second shift again. I'm dreading it but I know everything will be ok. You showed me through your post today that everything will be ok! Thank you for writing this! 🙂


  2. i can't believe you feed a calf yesterday!!! we have a flaw in our twin-ness!! i'm so glad you liked the j.d.co post, i thought you would find it encouraging. after reading the two of you in 1 day i felt like the Lord was trying to tell something.


  3. Huh. Our days are nothing alike. No babies, cows or fish… mostly dirty dishes, dirty laundry and chicken. Is that the same? I'm sure my days will be similar once there's a kid in the pic… 🙂


  4. I just LOVE you blog! It is so funny and i love how you keep it real. 🙂 I would love to have some advice on how you do your meal planning. My husband and I struggle with this and judging by the meal you pictured tonight, you seem to know what you are doing. Any advice would be helpful. 🙂


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