the ‘not-guilty man syndrome’ (and a thankful thursday)

My husband has, what I like to call, the ‘not-guilty man syndrome’. He’s been dealing with this since I met him, and the condition hasn’t improved.

A mere few examples:

Example 1: Ben can’t find any of his annoying little black socks, so it is obviously MY fault. “I can’t find any of my socks, Britt, what did you do with them?” I don’t know! I ate them? I wore them? I used them as rocket launchers? How the bleepity bleep am I supposed to know where they are?

Example 2: Ben has lost his cell phone. “Where did you put my cell phone Britt?” Ben has an iphone. I have a 1990s-era Motorola Razr. I don’t even know how to use his stinkin’ phone, so I don’t mess with it. After he’s literally convinced me that I used it last to check my email (?!?), I find it in his bookbag, in his car.

Sometimes my husband has a hard time admitting (cough) when (cough) he’s (cough) wrong or when something is his fault. And it seems that I know several men like that. Maybe I’m just a lucky gal who’s surrounded by men suffering from the ‘not-guilty man syndrome’? Maybe there is something in the water where I live?

Or maybe I’m not alone? Do you, too, dear imaginary friends, know of any member of the male species suffering from the ‘not-guilty man syndrome’?

Is there medicine for this? Therapy? Support groups? What do you do to cure a ‘not-guilty’ man?


Today is Thursday and I’mma thankful girl! This week, I’m thankful for:

holdin’ his PB for the first time 🙂

1. My dear, sweet Ben. Even though he’s currently suffering from the ‘not-guilty man syndrome’, I still love him so.very.much. He’s an amazing husband and dad. I couldn’t ask for a better ‘best’ friend to share my life with. He knows me better than I know myself and he’s my better half. He lets me eat first, and he gets me 3, yep, I said THREE, scoops of chocolate ice cream at the gas station every Sunday. He’s a keeper 😉 

2. Prayer. I’m so thankful for the power and peace of prayer this week. It seems I know so many people that really need prayers right now, and I am so thankful for the peace, comfort, and power that prayer gives.

3. Seasonal weather. As silly as this seems, I am so thankful for seasonal weather. I live in an area where we experience all 4 seasons, and I love it. My favoritestestest season (fall) is upon us and I am so thankful for the incredibly beautiful fall season we have here. College Game Day, pumpkins, and chili beans are right around the corner, y’all!

4. My church. There is just something about my church that makes me feel all ‘homey’ (and not the gangster kind). I go to a little ole’ country church that just oozes Jesus. The smell of our little old wooden church every Sunday morning reminds me that I’m loved. The church we go to is literally 50 yards from our little old house. In fact, my great granddad helped to build it. We walk to church every morning, and our dogs go with us. Yes, we have religious dogs. They’ve never missed a service. They sit outside the church every Sunday morning and wait for us all to come out. I love my church family. And I love our church dinners. A guaranteed 5 pound weight gain after every church dinner. Fo’ real.

my mamaw on my wedding day 🙂

5. My mamaw. She’s 68, still works full-time, and has the body of a 25-year old. She’s one of the most incredible ladies you’ll ever meet, and she would literally give you the clothes off of her back if you needed them. She loves the Lord and she truly embodies the idea of selfless living. She is the most humble and giving person that I know. I’m thankful that she’s my mamaw. And I’m thankful that she’s got a heart the size of Texas and a spirit that just warms me up. I hope I have half of her energy and spunk at that age.True stories, Ben and I took her ice-skating 3 years ago, and she skated circles around us. She took Ben and I ‘line-dancing’ a few years ago, and we tired out wayyyy before she did. She’s legit!


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