I wrote a post for today. It was a tutorial, with carefully written step-by-step instructions and meticulously placed photos. I had just finished proofreading it and was ready to hit ‘publish post’ when I hit an unknown button on my ridiculously small keyboard and the post disappeared.

I was mad. I clinched my teeth so tight I thought one of my veneers might pop off. I wanted to cry and quit blogging. Why didn’t I pay attention in 8th grade keyboarding? Seriously, WHY………….

But it’s Thursday, and I’m thankful! This week, for:

1. Baptism. I was baptized this weekend. What a blessing! More on that later.
2. Rain. We got some much needed rain over the weekend.
3. 10 months. PB is 10 months old today! I’m thankful for a healthy, happy, wonderful 10 months!
4. September. My favoritestest month. Big deals goin’ on this month, including the big 2-5 for me. YIKES!
5. Blog readers. It’s so nice to (virtually) meet many of you, and it tickles my fancy that people other than my mom read this ole’ thing, though my madre is still my favorite reader.

Have a blessed Thursday 🙂


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