I always found it quite ironic that Google would place ads in the header of my inbox that were eerily related to me or my interests. When I was pregnant, there were all sorts of ads about pregnancy. Post-baby, there were ads about losing baby weight. Now, there are ads about food. And baby toys. And food.

“Free cookbook. Offer ends today”!

“50% off toys sale today!”

“Discount on bakeware for your cakes!”

Google, are you watching me?

Whatever, I thought. Though I rarely clicked on the ads, they could be helpful. They showed me ads for things I would find appealing and things that coincided with my interests or my place in life. Google shared sales and discounts with me and showed me new, marvelous things that I needed for my life. We were friends!

And then this showed up in the ad placement of my inbox header:

“Rider’s by Lee. Relaxed fit jean.”

Hmm. What is that?

This is Rider’s by Lee relaxed fit jean in medium stone, my friends:

image via

Now I know I’m not a stylish gal.  And I know I’m always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to fashion trends. I also know I’m a mom now, and that I turned a quarter of a century old a couple of days ago.

But, really?


Google, do you really think I’m ready and worthy of Rider’s by Lee relaxed fit casual jean in medium stone?

SNL’s “MOM JEANS”. Image via google.

This is my life now, folks.


Have a blessed and mom-jean-free weekend!


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