Today marks 100 posts on my blog! That’s kinda crazy. You mean I’ve actually written 100 semi-lengthy posts about random nothingness on the internet? Wow. I should get a life.

I hear its a customary blog thing to write 100 things about yourself on your 100th blog post. Well, I’m not going to do that. I don’t even think I know 100 things about myself. So would you settle for 25? It’s the number of the year, you know.

1. My favorite tv show of all time is The Golden Girls. Hands down. I have the entire DVD collection, except for Season 7 (hint, hint, mom). I told you I was a granny at heart.
2. I have a bachelor’s degree in Administration of Justice, a master’s degree in Communications/PR, and now, I’m finishing a K-6 teaching certificate. Perhaps someone is a little indecisive, no?
3. I played basketball, volleyball, softball, and ran track in high school. I could eat a whole large pizza by myself back then. Today, I have to unbutton my pants after 3 slices.
4. My favorite movies are Conair, Inside Man, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I hate sad movies and usually refuse to watch them.
5. If I had money, I’d buy all my clothes from J. Crew. I don’t, so I’m a Target kinda-gal.
6. I’ve had the same best friends since kindergarden. We grew up together, went to college together, and were in each others’ weddings. 20 years later, they’re still my favorite people.
7. I smell clothes before I buy them. I know, that’s really weird.
8. I have a brother. He’s 22. He’s a terd.
9. I don’t watch any modern tv shows, except for Criminal Minds and The Bachelor. Other than that, I’m a TV Land chick.
10. My nose holes wiggle when I laugh.
11. I’m petrified of needles.
12. I’m a freckle face.
13. I still count with my fingers.
14. I’m a hermit. I like to be at home in my ‘play’ clothes.
15. I write with my right hand, and do everything else with my left hand.
16. I’m already running out of things I know about myself.
17. I listen to old-school rap, country, and Christian music. What does that say about me?! I’m a ‘gangsta’, hillbilly, Jesus-lover? The many hats I wear……
18. I wore a size 8-8 1/2 shoe when I was in high school. Now, I can wear a 7. What can I say? If the shoe’s on sale, wear it!
19. I love to fish. Give me a late summer evening, a creek bank, a fishing pole, and a pack of Big League Chew, and I’m in heaven.
20. I’m seriously running out of things I know about myself. Wow, I’m boring!
21. My all-time favorite game is hide and seek. Is it inappropriate for adults to play this? Monopoly is a close second.
22. I don’t hold still for very long. I’m always either tapping my foot, biting my nails, or I’m up walking around. I get this from my dad. He doesn’t sit still. Ever.
23. I’m a small-town girl. Like seriously small-town. And I love it. My graduating senior class in high school had around 60 kids.
24. I love plastic food. You know the stuff you play with when you’re 25 little? Man I used to love to play restuarant with my Little Tykes kitchen.
25. I’ve been called alot of things in my life, but so far, ‘mamamamamamama’ is my favorite.

So, there’s a little about the gal behind the blog. I want to thank each and every one of you who stop by and take the time to read this little ole’ thing. Your kind words, advice, and encouragement mean so much to me.


 Here’s to 100 more 🙂

Have a blessed Wednesday!


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