6 years

A couple of days ago, Ben and I celebrated 6 seriously awesome years together. We started dating in September 2005, as little babies in college. Ben had really huge hair, and I still wore eyeliner every day to class. Gah, overachiever.

I call Ben ‘Pearl’ now when I see this hair-do. Doesn’t he look like a church lady?
And now, 6 years later, Ben’s got a nice haircut, and eyeliner is reserved for important matters, such as date night. And weddings. Which now, are coincidentally the same thing.
I like where we’ve been………….

And where we’re going…………

A few days ago, I was having a ‘sentimental’ moment with Ben. I was telling him how much fun I have with him. I told him that I enjoyed our marriage more every day, and that if I’d had any idea how fun marriage was, I would have done it many moons ago. I told him that I still feel as giddy about him as I did 6 years ago.

And Ben, in his most serious expression said this to me:

“Yea, I totally agree. I feel the same way. You know, even the annoying things you do aren’t that bad.”

Romance at its finest.


I apologize for the sparse posting. If you make fun of the man cold, you will catch the man cold. I speak from experience……….


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