3 day weekends

We’re celebrating Columbus Day today, aka a day off work, so we’re knee deep in 4-wheelers, ninja turtles, and books. We’ve actually been celebrating all weekend. How is it that a three day weekend makes you feel kinda invincible? It’s like you play a whole lot harder during the weekend because you know you’ve got that magical third day. I tend to get a little rebellious on three day weekends and stay up past 9:30.

We played.

And mowed the yard.

And went to the duck farm.

We don’t actually have ducks on this farm, only cows. It’s one of my favorite places and it has some of the best dern views you’ll ever see.

We’ve got a hunting cabin up there, too. I bet you’ve seen it on the cover of Southern Living before.

My uncle and his family were there, which meant PB got to play with his cousin, Bryce.

And, I started working on some new projects.

This beauty is an old cabinet (the bottom isn’t pictured) that belonged to my family. I’ve got big plans for this baby! I’ll share as I go.

I love three day weekends. Did I tell you that? Thanks Columbus!


7 thoughts on “3 day weekends

  1. Beautiful colors! It's been so dry here that the leaves were beautiful for about a day before losing steam and falling off. Glad you get another day of R&R – thanks for sharing it with such great pics!


  2. So pretty! I'm a nature gal so it all looks beautiful to me!

    Well.. its only a 3 day weekend for my daughter and I. Everyone else had school and work… boo.


  3. You seriously crack me up! And, you have a beautiful family. Now, you guys could be featured on Southern Living 🙂



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