a year of being mom

PB will celebrate his first birthday next month. I’ll celebrate my first year of motherhood.

WOW. Does that make me old?

I’ve been a mom for a whole year now. That’s nuts.

It’s been a crazy, wild, beautiful, exciting, scary, life-changing year for me. I’ve learned more about life and about myself this year than ever before. I’ve always heard that kids have a way of changing the way you view your world, and I have to say that I couldn’t agree more.

Here’s what I’ve learned my first year of mommahood.

1. I was a brat before I became a mom. I was selfish and only concerned with myself. And then I became an even bigger brat the first few weeks after I had PB. I wanted people to feel sorry for me because I wasn’t getting much sleep, or because my back hurt, or because I was swimming in dirty laundry. I felt like I was doing something that nobody had ever done before, like nobody else had ever had a baby before. Oh Britt, how wrong you were! Going from being a totally irresponsible, carefree gal, who was only concerned with herself, to caring for a teeny little newborn who solely depended on me was a biiiiiiig change. To say that I was an immature punk would be a complete understatement.

I’m ashamed to admit how I felt those first couple of weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I was deliriously happy to have PB. Every day was (and still is) literally like waking up to Christmas morning. But I was having a hard time adjusting to my new life as a mom. I felt sorry for myself because I had to be responsible. I was a wuss. I felt like I deserved sympathy because I only got 1 hour of sleep the night before, or because my house was a trainwreck. I was a complete terd.

After a couple of weeks of feeling sorry for myself, I put my big girl panties on, slapped on some mascara, and grew up. Instead of whining about how tough it was, I chose to focus on how fun it could be and how honored I was to be able to do it. That was a total game-changer for me.

2. Big love. I love my husband. I love my parents. I love my family. But to love my son is a whole new kind of love. It’s a different kind of love. And it rocks. I can’t really explain it other than it’s an unconditional, full of hope, want the best for him, makes your heart swell with pride, kind of love. And it flat out rocks.

3. I serve an almighty, awesome God and I need Him every step of the way. I look at PB and see that God made him through Ben and me. Now how friggin’ cool is that? My God is the Creator of Life! And to see the creation and birth of a life is an incredible thing.

I rely on God more than ever now. I’m responsible for another human life. God entrusted Ben and I to raise PB. He blessed us with this baby and its now it is my job to raise Him to glorify and honor the Lord. I can’t do that on my own. I need God’s guidance every day. We sing a song at my church, and the chorus says ‘I can’t even walk without You holding my hand’. Amen! Motherhood has taught me a whole new reliance on my Savior. My relationship with Him isn’t something I’m always proud of because I neglect it far too often. But, I serve a merciful and loving God who forgives me daily for my shortcomings.

4. Respect. Talk about a butt-load of respect. I gained a whole new respect for my momma. I see what I’m going through as a young mom, and know that my mom did it too. She spent hours calming a fussy baby Brittany, changed an estimated 10,482 dirty diapers, and lost countless hours of sleep, all for me? And she still loves me! She handled it all with so much grace. I don’t know how she did it. I find myself looking at her, hoping I can be half the mom she is.

5. Be yourself. I had a bit of an identity crisis when I became a mom. I looked nowhere near what I thought a ‘mom’ should look like. I didn’t act the way I thought a mom should act. I didn’t do the things that I thought moms should do. I still chewed Big League gum and Bubble Tape for crying out loud! I started looking around at all the other good moms I knew, and started trying to be like them. I made a mental list of things I thought a good mom should be: wise, Christ-like, mature, responsible, organized, and a chef extraordinaire. She should wear Ryder’s, drive a mini-van, and bake cupcakes like nobody’s business. She should just be a ‘mom’ for pete’s sake! So for a couple of weeks I went nuts, trying to be what I thought a mom should be. And then I realized that I was crazy. And that, by God’s sweet grace, I would be the mom that PB needed. And that there really is no mold for a ‘good’ mom. You do the best you can do and pray that God will guide you every step of the way. And that’s it. So I still chew Big League gum, and still listen to Kid Rock sometimes. I don’t own a mini-van, and I still try to cram my butt in my skinny jeans. This is the kind of mom I am. And I’m okay with it as long as God is right there with me.

6. Humbleness. If you want to get humble, have a baby. It’s a humbling experience from the beginning. Nothing screams ‘humble’ more than having a room full of strangers examining your lady parts. And then, nothing says ‘humble’ like seeing the love and support you get from family and friends, whether it was a nice dinner brought to us that first week home from the hospital, or the wonderful gifts that people gave. And then, nothing says ‘humble’ like watching your son grow and thrive, and seeing how Almighty the Lord is and knowing that we are all at His mercy. Wanna get humble? Yea. Have a baby.

7. Savor your marriage. In the midst of being new parents, it is so easy to forget what brought you here in the first place: each other. If there was no Ben, there’d be no PB. It was (and still is) so easy to get lost in the day-to-day life of being parents. It’s important to set aside time for each other. My marriage needs to be the base for my family.

8. Life is good. In a world full of bad news, and negative people, it can sometimes leave you feeling down and out. But you know what? Life is good. I see PB experience his world for the very first time and I see the excitement and the wonder in his eyes. It makes me want to start looking at this ole’ world through kids’ eyes again. Maybe we’d all be better off if we saw the world through kid eyes? I look at PB and know that there are still good things that happen every day. And that God still works every day. And that life really is good.

9. And finally, I will NEVER use the bathroom in peace again. NEVER, I tell you. Sometimes, I miss a good ole’ relaxing visit to the pot.

Have a blessed Wednesday 🙂


15 thoughts on “a year of being mom

  1. Wonderful list and so very, very true. There is no greater gift than the gift of being a “mom” — I've really learned to appreciate that fact over the years, and my heart goes out to all the amazing women who would be wonderful mothers but never get the chance. I strive very hard not to take my children (or husband) for granted, and it sounds like you're doing a good job of that, too! Happy (early) birthday PB!


  2. We won't be starting our family for a few more years, and as a nanny I've raised a few babies that weren't my own, but this post really reminded me how exciting/scary/awesome/humbling/incredible parenting and being a mommy can be. Thank you for writing this! 🙂


  3. If I had to pick a favorite post, this would be it! I love how honest you are about how hard it can be at first…I struggled with my inner brat for like a year, and I still struggle with the loss of my bathroom alone time, especially because Ben always gets his! 🙂


  4. I love this post! Its dead onto motherhood..Just wait till he starts talking you will never laugh so hard at some of the things they say.


  5. A really great list, every single point made me go 'yup, exactly right!'. I have such a new found respect for my Mum too. After having Max I was getting grumpy with her over something and being really impatient with her. As I was doing it I realized that if Max spoke to me in that way it would break my heart. It was an absolute game changer for me. She can still be a tad frustrating, but now I have all the patience for her in the world.

    Oh and the bathroom thing… Max is almost two and I have just got to the point where I can shut the door when I go to the bathroom. Only problem is, the cheeky little monkey has learned to open doors and comes on in anyway 🙂


  6. From what I can see here on the blog you don't have a thing to worry about, you are doing great! Don't feel like you are selfish – I know some moms that never leave their babies (or some wives that never leave their husbands) just getting away and doing something you want to do every now and again makes that you and it will make you be a better person. You deserve the best just like your little one too!


  7. Don't beat yourself up about your selfish weeks after PB was born. Hormones can do some CRAZY things to a woman after having a baby. I know I was a sad, crying, pity-party, irrational, selfish MESS for a few weeks after Lulu was born (my poor husband didn't know what to do with me). And then I was better. I blame the hormones.
    I'm loving being a mom. Every week is more fun than the last. And my baby isn't mobile yet…. so I still get the bathroom to myself 🙂 but that is going to end soon….


  8. thanks for posting this, as an impending mom (Feb 2012!) I am terrified. And excited. My life is going to change is ways I can never imagine. It scares the be-jesus out of me that I will be responsible for a tiny human fairly soon, yet I am so excited for every little thing they do.

    Thank you for providing your view and your “rules”. Can't wait to hear about PB's bday PARTAY!


  9. You crack me up! Ok, where do I start?
    1. I definitely went through this/am still going through this. I think the worst part is feeling guilty about it, but I know it's just growing pains and I need to grow up!
    3. Amen to that! What denom are you?
    4. My mom told me when I was going into labor, “When that girl pops out, think to yourself: my mom loves me this much!” r-e-s-p-e-c-t!
    5. I laughed so hard at this because as I am typing, I am laying on the couch with my skinny jeans unbuttoned pretending they still fit…
    7. And trying to figure this one out too!
    9. For the love of all things holy, YES!



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