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I’m a wussie when it comes to trying new foods. I’m a picky eater, and thus I like to stick with food that I know I like. So, as you can imagine, I don’t like to try new recipes very often because I’m afraid I won’t like them, and I will have wasted my time and money. Plus, I’m a creature of habit. Like a serious creature of habit. I don’t handle change very well. I think it’s an inherited trait. True story, I have gone with my family on vacation for the last 20 or so years to the exact same place. We even eat at the same restuarants every year, and usually in the same order every year.

So even though I cook a lot, I tend to cook most of the same things because I’m comfortable with them and because its a habit. But, I’m beginning to think I need to shake things up a bit. I’m feeling a little wild, hip, and cool. Maybe it’s because I wore my hair braided today. Could someone please tell me if that is still ‘in’? I see all kinds of cute girls with their hair braided, so I braided mine today. I don’t feel cute. I feel like Laura Ingalls. I digress….

Anyway, I’ve got lots of cooking to do this weekend for various activities, so I’m going to challenge myself now to make a new recipe this weekend! Anyone care to join me?

I’m going to make at least one new (to me) recipe this weekend, and then share my results/review next week. If any of y’all follow along, you can share your recipe/results or your link. It would be lots-o-fun! How does that sound?

I like this idea because (1) it forces me to step out of my comfort zone, (2) I might find something I like and (3) it’s a good way to share new, yummy stuff with friends!

By the way, I did find a veeeiner for the vanilla cake/cupcake recipe (I’m still on the hunt for a chocolate recipe)! Ben had to take some cupcakes to work today, so I made some last night that turned out FABULOUS! I’m super pleased. It was a doctored-up-cake-mix recipe I found via pinterest. Thanks to all of my wonderful blog friends for your suggestions! The recipe I used was basically a combination of your suggestions 🙂

Here’s the link. The recipe is actually for white wedding cake cupcakes, but they’ll work fine for a birthday party! I followed the recipe, except I added a little more vanilla. These cupcakes turned out really soft and ‘spongy’. They held frosting really well, too. The flavor was great! Ben said they tasted like Lucky Charms. I’m going to make these again this weekend for a church function, and I’m going to try substituting milk instead of the water the recipe calls for and see what that does.

Happy weekend, and happy cooking!


8 thoughts on “recipe challenge

  1. I will try if I find the motivation! lol. How “different” are are talking? I've been wanting to learn how to cook Indian dishes because T loves all the spicy stuff but I'm a wuss when it comes to spice.


  2. I'm in (retroactively)! I love trying new recipes. I try to do a new one each week. I know hubs likes it if he takes a pic on his iphone and saves it under “make again.” So, last night I made Bacon Pineapple BBQ Burgers.
    1lb ground beef
    Pineapple rings
    Favorite bbq sauce (I used Sweet Baby Rays)

    Season your burgers to taste and add bbq sauce
    Patty them up (I got 6 out of 1lb)
    top with a pineapple ring
    wrap each in two slices of bacon
    grill on medium
    (if they look like they are burning and not cooking in the middle, just crisp the outside then stick in a 400* oven for 10 min)

    I had never tried this, and I saw a picture of it, but had no recipe, so I kind of made it up as I went. They turned out great. I added more bbq sauce when I put 'em on the buns.

    Verdict: Mike took a picture! Woo hoo!



  3. I'm game for a challenge!! I'm going to do something with pumpkin tomorrow..probably some sort of pumpkin pancakes or french toast. I'll let you know how it goes!


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