I’ve slacked. I know I have. Forgive me?

The truth is, I’ve felt ‘blogged’ out. A couple of weeks ago, I took a little break from the blogarooksi to reevaluate my blogging priorities. I just felt washed out.

Blogging is odd, you know? I started this blog as a journal for me. And then it evolved into a journal, plus a place to share my faith. Plus a place to share food. And laughs. And inspiration. And I love where it’s at right now. And even more than that, I love the friends that I’ve met through doing this. The encouragement, friendship, and inspiration you give means so much to me.

But sometimes, I still get discouraged with blogging. I’ve put pressure on myself for my blog and I don’t like it one bit. I think there’s a fine line between a ‘journal’ and a ‘blog’ and I think I’m hovering on that line. It’s odd. You really put yourself out there on a blog, showing friends, strangers, and the like, facets of your life. And you really don’t know how people take those things. Sometimes you get a reaction. Sometimes you don’t. You know people are there, but you don’t know how they feel. And for a while, this irked me.

I should speak more ‘bloggy’. 

I should probably sound more professional.

I should probably limit my personal feelings.

But you know what? That wouldn’t be me. If I did any of those things, this wouldn’t be my journal. I say ‘terd’ daily. I tend to say things exactly how I think them, and it often sounds far from ‘professional’ or ‘bloggy’. And for the most part, I’m a pretty open person. I like to talk about how I feel about things. It makes me feel better.

So my blog is what it is. It’s easy to put pressure on yourself to be something that you’re not. Or that you don’t even want to be. And that, my friends, is when I have to stop for a minute and reevaluate what I’m doing. There are some really, really incredible bloggers out there. They have super fabulous blogs, and have all kinds of awesome stuff on them. They devote lots of time to their blogs, and they have so much to be proud of.

But that’s not me. This blog is not a priority to me, so it won’t be a super fabulous blog with all kinds of awesome inspiration. I don’t want to put that time into it. It’s just my blog. It is what it is. My journal about my journey through marriage, parenthood, housewifery, and life. And that’s it.

This post is for me, really. I just needed to remind myself why I blog. And what I blog. I’ve put pressure on myself lately to be something that I don’t want to be. And I’ve been discouraged with blogging. I needed to refresh my priorities and my direction.

I’m thankful for the people I have met through this adventure, and I’m thankful for those who’ve taken the time to read this little ole’ thing. I appreciate, SO MUCH, your words of encouragement and support. You really help lift my spirits when I feel ‘blogged out’.

Have a blessed Wednesday 🙂


12 thoughts on “poo’d

  1. I think that's what I like about your blog: it's casual, honest and you write like you're talking to a friend. Take all the breaks you need, and I'll be here to read when you write!



  2. i felt the same way, its weird the more people who are into it.. sometimes makes me not even want to do it because really.. im doing it for me, and not them lol.


  3. Ditto to Jenna! I know I don't come hear to read what you think I want to hear – I come hear to read what you have to say. It helps to know that someone else is going through similar things, or might have the same thought about something. We're not alone, you know? In any case, that also means that we're all going to sit there and tap our feet wondering where on earth you are and why you aren't writing. It is obvious that you need to write – for you! – and we are happy to wait if you don't feel that urge right now and just feel like living, not recording. I think they are both good things to do!

    So, to sum up – take whatever breaks you need. There are many of us who will happily wait for you to get back, but the truth is it doesn't matter about us. It matters that doing this makes you happy. :o)


  4. I use mine as a journal. I sometimes post deals. But its nice to look back and see where we were in life. I teetered with making my blog a deals blog but it was no fun! I have 200 followers no idea how they found me or why they stick around but its nice to see the numbers grow here and there


  5. Please don't change – I think I enjoy your blog so much because there is so much personality! So what if you don't post every day or even a whole week – this isn't your job. Like you said do it because you enjoy it!


  6. Which is exactly why we all love your blog! It's real. 🙂 I know what you're talking about though, and I always find it presumptuous when people feel like they have to blog a certain amount or do certain things, like they are so important with a following of readers. We are just moms sitting at a computer screen. And some of us may or may not be in jammies with no bra on. Just sayin.


  7. We all go through this and I personally just did a couple weeks ago. You are who you are and that is why I'm here. 🙂 I honestly can't tell you why I like reading stuff about you and your life, I just do! Just like I have no idea why people read my blog, they just do. I know I don't always have time to read every blog post and I try to comment once or twice a week on most blogs when I can, but everyone is different. As long as your happy, that's all that should matter and yes it's normal to have those annoying thoughts sometimes. Good luck and I hope you stick around!!


  8. You just keep being YOU! That's what brings me back. Don't put pressure on yourself to be anything else. Write what you feel, share what you want. If you don't feel like doing either, don't. We'll just keep looking forward to the next one!!

    I've “quit” my blog but I will continue to check in on you! You know how to find me on Pinterest and I think I linked my FB on there too. Feel free to friend me!


  9. i worked with Ben here at HealthFitness@ Eastman and i saw where he had put on his facebook to check out your blog and from the first time i was hooked. i don't know you but i feel like i do. i love the way you write, like you're talking to me and we've been friends forever! i love to read your blogs. you have awesome recipes and funny stories! you made it to my favorites on my toolbar! 🙂


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