thankful thursday: i quit my job

Once upon a time, girl goes to college to get dream job. Girl goes to grad school and gets dream internship for dream job. Girl turns down dream job in the big city and moves back home. In a series of God-led events, girl gets offered dream job closer to home.

Girl’s dream becomes her reality.

And then, two weeks ago, girl quits dream job.

In a few days, girl will be unemployed.


Here’s what this looks like on paper:

I went to school, worked my tail off, and landed my dream job. I accomplished my goal. I worked with a bunch of really incredible people. It was a good job. I loved it, and loved what I did.

And then. Don’t you know there’s always a ‘and then’.

God started tugging at my heart. To teach. Which, compared to my job now, is a complete 180 degree turn.

Teach? What do you mean teach? I spent 5 years in school to get to where I’m at now, and You want me to quit and teach?

So back to school I went to get my teaching certificate. I finished in July, and now I have to complete my student teaching. So, essentially, I’m quitting my good job to pay money to do unpaid student teaching with no guarantee of a job in the end. Makes tons of sense, right?

But you know what? I’m excited. I’m thrilled, really. Without going into much detail, my job now is a far cry from teaching. I’ve realized that my idea of a ‘dream’ job has changed so much in the course of the last several years. My idea of a ‘dream’ job now is one where I can be a difference-maker, in a positive way. I feel as if I’m at the opposite end of that spectrum right now, and I’m excited for the change.

In a couple of days, I’m leaving this ‘dream’ job behind. I’m going to have a couple of weeks at home with PB before I begin student teaching. I’m so pumped about that. I forsee a lot of tickle time, ninjas, trucks, and snuggles in the near future.

I’ll student teach for 16 weeks, and then who knows what will happen. You know, it’s scary to quit your job, especially if you don’t know what the future holds. The job market isn’t stellar and the economy is less than thriving. But, I have such peace about this decision. I know God has brought me to it, and He’ll bring me through it.

So today is Thursday, and I’m thankful for the faithful Lord I serve. Sometimes, what we want doesn’t necessarily align with what His plans are for us. And I’ve learned that instead of fighting against His plans, its best to ‘let go and let God’. I can’t tell you how confused I’ve felt over this past year. I had my ‘dream’ job, and things were sailing smoothly. And then God started tugging at me to teach. I went back to school while I was pregnant and had PB while I was in the middle of the program. So here I was, a new mom, working full-time and going to school full-time. It was hard. And I questioned it several times. But now, as I’m about to make the final leap, I know that this is simply part of God’s plan for me.

I’m happy to be at a place where I can talk about this with pure faith that things will work out. It was a struggle for me as I dealt with letting go of what I thought was my dream. But my heart is not there anymore. God knows me better than I know myself. He’s knows the desires of my heart and He knows where my priorities lay. He knows where I find my satisfaction, and He knows what will truly fulfill me. Why not follow Him? He knows it all!

So, I’m quitting my ‘dream’ job, paying to student teach, and facing unemployment?


And God is in the driver’s seat.

Have a blessed Thursday 🙂


11 thoughts on “thankful thursday: i quit my job

  1. i looove it! its amazing how God knows just what we need, jer 29:11 … congrats on the process and have fun at home in the mean time;)


  2. Thats amazing! Its so nice to do what you love! If your my age which I think you are you have plenty of working time left and might as well love what you do


  3. Life is about change. Especially with work. I wanted to be an accountant, still am actually, but I would kill to become a pastry chef. Waiting for the babe to arrive and get some time before I make the giant leap of faith. Good luck with yours, it will all be worth it in the end.


  4. Its scary but you know in your heart you're on the right path. There may be obstacles.. but you will over come them. Don't let anyone tell ya different. Enjoy this time with your baby boy. There are some kids that are in for an awesome experience with you in the classroom.. I just know it!


  5. Way to go! I am so impressed at how strongly you're dealing with such a big change – God surely must be working within you to make this plan work! I can't wait to hear about your new adventures; it's wonderful to know that there are people like you out there who are so passionate about teaching!


  6. Maybe I missed it, but what are you planning on teaching? Let me know and maybe I can help! I was a teacher and left my job to stay-at-home. I know that scary feeling. But, you totally have the right perspective on it, so I don't think I even need to offer any encouragement. But, I will: WAY TO GO! YOU WILL BE AMAZING!



  7. I admire your faith so much, Britt. I wish I had the same thing..I am so conflicted about what I am supposed to be when I grow up, I still don't have peace about this whole labor and delivery nurse thing. I still feel like I'm just not meant to be a nurse. Sigghh…I'll keep praying and reading your blog so some of that faith will rub off on me. 🙂


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