I wrote a guest post this morning, so I’m all blogged out today.


I have a question.

One of my dear friends suggested that I start using Twitter for my blog. You know, to keep up with all my cool blog ‘peeps’. And so I can use jargon like ‘LYLAS’ and ‘LOL’ and ‘WHTZ UP’. I don’t know if people use jargon like that on Twitter, but I’ll tell you a true story. When I was in elementary high school, my friends and I would write letters to each other about really important matters, like about what we did in math class, or what ‘fly’ after school-activities we were doing for the day. And then, in between periods, we’d slip each other the notes like we were total bad ‘butts’, rebeling against the ‘no note-passing’ policy. Yes, we were in high school. And no, the notes weren’t about boys or parties or other high ‘schooly’ things. They were about homework. And after-school activities. And other really, really nerdy things. Whitney, Crystal, Leslie, and all other friends I passed notes with-I hope you all feel as embarrassed as I do right now. Would you believe I still have all of these notes?

If you are in this photo, I may or may not have incriminating letters from you in high school. You better not tick me off or I’ll post them on my blog for all the world to see!

I digress.

Anyway, I went to the Twitter (or ‘tweeter’ as my mamaw calls it) website, and how in the @&$&@()# do you use it? And what does all the #iknowwhatyoudidlastsummer stuff mean? I thought I was pretty hip when I got Facebook, and then I thought I was just over the top when I got pinterest, but I just don’t know if I’ve got it in me for Twitter. It looks too complicated. Am I missing something?


and what about this @amitoolamefortwitter

Any expert twitterers care to clue me in?

I’m confused. And perplexed.

Oh well.


Have a blessed Tuesday!


12 thoughts on “#whatintheworldistwitter

  1. I was the same way! I had to sign up so I could understand it. Here's what I know:
    1. Twitter is a website where you can view what your friends are “trending”/”tweeting”/talking about
    2. You send a text to 40404 or post your message on twitter.com and your followers will all see what you have to say (think massive text message to people you don't know)
    3. # is a hashtag: it is a way for people to search the website for what people are trending (talking) about. so, for example, if you are watching the VMAs (why did i pick that example? i have never seen them…) you could tweet: Goodness gravy! Beyonce looks so hot in that LBD! #VMAs, then anyone who wanted to see what people saying about the VMAs on Twitter would type VMAs in the searchbar on the website and anyone's tweet who used that hashtag would appear.
    4. @ signifies your twitter handle (username). so if you want to follow me, you would follow @callherhappy
    5. now, i dont got on twitter each day to see what's trending. that would be too much work! so, if you specifically want me to see a tweet you tweeted, you would say “Congrats on getting into the #BlogHer network @callherhappy!” cuz i did! woo hoo! then that message would be sent directly to my phone or email depending on how i had my settings set up.

    i hope that helps! i was actually considering writing a post for my readers on how to use twitter because they are in the same boat as you. would you mind if i used this comment?



  2. I NEVER thought I would be on tweeeeter! Seriously.. I was like.. uh.. not for me. I caved.
    I love keeping up with my twitter peeps. I twitter new items in my Etsy shop, etc. It really is fun.
    I would like to offer ONE piece of advice. If you value your privacy. Be sure to NOT ALLOW
    your tweets to include your location. (Its a setting) It seriously will show exactly where your tweeting from.
    Uh.. not cool in my opinion.


  3. lmao ( that stands for “laugh my ass off” and I had to cuss because that's what it stands for). So you signed up? So I can find you?? I'm @lindsays_list. Follow me and I'll follow you.
    P.S. I definitely still have ALL my middle school letters!


  4. I started one months ago because it was the cool thing to do, and I have yet to understand how to use it. I think I have a total of like 14 tweets. Everyone swore I would love it, but honestly, it just feels like a hassle to me! Sometimes I'm just plain sick of my computer! How abouts some real life??


  5. uh, this is hilarious. my thoughts exactly. i'm glad you asked about the #whattheheckdoesthismean????? cause i have been wondering. people even do it on facebook. #uh,what? i read people's explanations and i'm still a little in the dark. i think i'll stick to blogging, texting, and facebook. it's enough for me to keep up with…


  6. I recently started using twitter and feel the same way. How the h-e-double-hockey-sticks do I use this thing??

    You have a Mamaw! People (especially down here in Dallas) look at me like I'm some kind of nutso (which I probably am, but that's another story) when I talk about my mamaw and papaw. 🙂


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