scars that run deep

What kind of parent does this to a child?

What, in your obviously illogical mind, were you thinking when you did this?

Was this some sort of cruel joke, MOM?

Were you hoping to emotionally scar your child for life, causing her years of torment and agony at the hands of children with much better hair styles?




In the second photo, please also note the meticiously trimmed sideburns.

Is there some sort of support group I could join?

‘Children whose mothers thought it would be a good idea to give their child a mullet, and thus emotionally scar them for life’ Anonymous?

Really, who EVER thought to invent the mullet? How was that EVER a good idea?

Can I tell you something about my mullet? These pictures are very flattering mullet shots. I’ve got one mullet picture that’s a real doozy. I’ll try to find it. My mom, in her infinite wisdom, decided that a plain straight mullet just wouldn’t do. She, instead, gave my bangs a perm, and left the back part of the mullet straight. So, as many wise ones before me have noted, it was all business in the front, and nothing but a party in the back.

Twenty years later, I’ve finally been able to laugh, a little, about the mullet.

But the scars?

They run deep.


Check me out on Brandie’s blog! I shared Peggy’s fresh apple cake today. Brandie has some seriously good (and easy) recipes over there!

Have a blessed and mulletless Wednesday!


26 thoughts on “scars that run deep

  1. bahahahaha ❤ if it makes you feel any better, you can barely tell it is a mullet in the first picture. matt used to have a mullet down to his butt and on home videos of him playing t ball and running bases it would flow in the wind:)


  2. i feel your pain. i too had a mullet once upon a time. 😦 i think it was just the hairstyle to have back in the day. what were our parents thinking?!?!


  3. My aunt had a mullet when she married my uncle, and 20 years later she hasn't changed her hairstyle. I guess some people really loved the mullet. My first haircut (when I was 5) was a pageboy, which I hated because I thought it made me look like a boy, but looking back it was definitely better than some of the other styles of the day.


  4. Britt – I had what you might call an “umbrella of bangs”. They curled under and my mom started them WAY far back on my head. The horror – I got chills just typing that nightmare.


  5. hehehehe, sorry but I have to giggle at your mullet. My mother, bless her, thought it would be a great idea to give me bangs as a child. Unfortunately, I have EXTREMELY curly hair, so those nice bangs turned into a large, fluffy, ball on the front of my head.

    Imagine a poodle. A blonde, 4 year old poodle.


  6. Hahahahaha OMG, that's hilarious. I had a pageboy haircut after cutting off all my own hair and hiding it in my Playskool kitchen so my mom wouldn't know… Then elementary school brought a series of perms and giant coke-bottle glasses.


  7. Hahaha—I have some awesome pictures of my sister and I after mom gave us perms! I did check out Brandie's site….that's what led me to yours. I can't wait to explore it.


  8. Awwww – the first picture you can hardly tell. I think we all have horrific childhood pictures lurking around. Lord knows, I have a bunch of them!
    Thank you for guest posting on my blog today. The recipe you shared is so great and everyone is loving it!!


  9. LOL, you are TOO funny! I think you look adorable (maybe it's because I didn't know you were sporting a mullet till you mentioned it :)). Visiting from Brandie's blog…so nice to find you~


  10. My mother (thankfully) never made me endure the mullet. HOWEVER, she insisted on feathering back the sides of my hair for YEARS giving me the appearance of a mullet in many school pictures. Hopefully we won't inflict such pain and anguish on our children…though I'm certain it will come at some point. :-p


  11. I laughed out loud… my mom gave my sister a mullet. The terrible part was that I had this beautiful styled bob and then there was my sister with a mullet… I'm laughing right now so hard. I'm pretty sure she is really scarred. I'll have to call her and tell her I was thinking about her!


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