pinterest challenge: (cheap) diy snowflakes

Oh, friends….

It ’tis upon us…..
The most wonderful-est-est-est time of the year.
I love Christmas in a big way. I’ve watched ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ four times already this year, and I’m not ashamed one bit. Clark Griswold really does it for me.
So when the ladies at YHL, Bower Power, Ana White, and House of Earnest announced yet another Pinterest Challenge for Winter, my Christmas lovin’ heart jumped for joy. 
I’ve been pinning some Christmas ideas lately, and there were tons of things I would’ve loved to tackle, but I had to make something that was 1) cheap, 2) easy, and 3) cheap.
So, alas, I settled on the DIY Rustic Snowflakes by Katie at Little Things Bring Smiles. These things are so adorable and so easy! And best of all, they’re chhhheeaaaap. Here is Katie’s snowflake, or my pinspiration, if you will:
image via.
And here’s what I did:
I gathered some sticks from the yard. I tried to find as many good, straight, and sturdy sticks as I could.
Then, I broke/cut the sticks into four, 4-inch pieces, and four, 3-inch pieces. I also cut a small 1-inch piece of felt.
Then, I laid the sticks in a ‘snowflake’ pattern and attached the sticks to the felt using my hot-glue gun. I then took four, 1-inch pieces of stick and glued them to the four longer pieces of the snowflake.
Next, I took four small, 1-inch pieces of stick and glued them to the four smaller pieces of the snowflake. I glued them at an angle, which meant that I cut them at a 45 degree angle. 
Man. I feel so mathematically talented right now. (P.S. I just had to google ’45 degree angle’)
And then I added whatever embellishments I had. 
First up, some greenery, berries, and twine:
Then, I spray-painted this next bad boy white, and added some white berries, spray-painted greenery, and a button:
And last, I spray-painted this one red, and added some more berries, greenery, and twine:
And now, for the cost breakdown:
Sticks: free, thanks to Momma Nature
Greenery: already owned (I salvaged it from an old wreath)
Twine: already owned (but I get it for $1 at Dollar General)
Berries: already owned (I bought picks at Target on Clearance last year)
Felt: 4 sheets for $1 at Hobby Lobby
Grand Total: $1
Word to yo momma!
I love how versatile these babies are. You could attach a string to the back and hang them as wall decor. You could make them larger and use them as a wreath. You could use them as ornaments, too. Geez, I could go on forever, baby! The world of stick snowflakes has no boundaries.
A big thanks to Katie for her awesome inspiration for the project. If you get a chance, swing by her blog, too. It’s sure not to disappoint!

If you missed it, here’s a link to my first pinterest challenge project

Have a blessed Wednesday 🙂
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16 thoughts on “pinterest challenge: (cheap) diy snowflakes

  1. I am in lurv! What a great job you did girl! I love your versions. You have definitely inspired me.. I”m
    going to be making some of these. I have 3 little trees that I decorate in a “lodge theme”.

    I'm joining in today too.. I was just waiting for Sherry to put up the post.


  2. woohoo! these look wonderful and get me so excited for christmas 🙂 i am thrilled you were inspired by my snowflakes and made your own–and im so happy to see you spray painted them! i wanted to do that last year but chickened out, so i see it is so worth it, amazing job! thanks for letting me know–you just made my morning! enjoy the rest of your week!


  3. i made some ornaments yesterday too! we put our tree up haha, embarrassing but exciting 🙂 i LOVE this idea and will definitely be trying it thanks britt your ideas are always great! and i love that blog!


  4. These are so cute. And good on you sharing these ideas so early in the season so the rest of us can make them in time for the holidays. I think my kids will be good at these and I have some branches left over from my sunburst twig wreath project. Thanks for sharing.


  5. So cute! I'm throwing my first Christmas party this year and I have zero decorations – these will work perfectly and won't break the bank!


  6. Wow love the spray painted ones so festive and you would pay like 5 bucks at target for something like that and like 20 at pottery barn!! Gotta try this


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