thankful thursday: pb’s first year

This day, 1 year ago, I was very pregnant. I would have PB in 5 days and I was nervous. And scared. And anxious. And really excited. All sorts of totally relevant thoughts and questions were going through my mind.

How the !%@&#* do you install that stinkin’ carseat?
What does labor feel like?
Will there be blood?
Will I go ‘number 2’ on myself?
Does the IV hurt?
Couldn’t I just deliver in the back seat of the car?
Will he know I’m his mom?
Holy cow, I’m going to be a mom.
What are moms supposed to do?
Do I need to get a Kate Gosselin haircut?
How do you change a diaper?
Will I go ‘number 2’ on myself?
Really, Lord, I don’t want to go ‘number 2’ on myself.

By this day, I was officially off work, so I sat at home all day by myself and did nothing but bite my nails and watch YouTube birth videos. (P.S. If you’re pregnant, don’t sit at home by yourself and bite your nails and watch YouTube birth videos). Besides the YouTube videos, it was such a nice week. I spent a lot of time just staring at the nursery, trying to imagine what it would look like with a little baby. Five days seemed so far away.

And here I am, one year later.

I remember praying for a healthy, happy baby. I got that.

And I remember praying for God’s guidance as a parent. I got that too.

So today is Thursday, and I’m thankful. I’m thankful for PB’s first year of life. I’m thankful for God’s mercy on him. I’m thankful for his health and his happiness. And for the joy he’s brought into our lives. I’m thankful for all of the milestones he’s hit and for the milestones he’ll continue to make. I love to watch him grow and learn, and I’m thankful for a year full of growth and learning.

I’m also thankful for my Savior’s guidance this past year. To say that I was totally unprepared to be a mom is an understatement. Sometimes I look at PB, and this past year, and think to myself, ‘how in the world have we made it this far?‘. Talk about reliance on the Lord! I have never relied on my Savior like I have this year. I’m thankful for the prayers answered and the guidance given. And I’m thankful for His patience with me. I am nothing without Jesus.

And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the father through Him. (Colossians 3:17)

Have a blessed Thursday!


5 thoughts on “thankful thursday: pb’s first year

  1. lindsey that is so true! brittany i love that we have “followed” your journey as a mother so far, being a mommy is by far the best “job” anyone could have and you are doing great at it! through your posts we can all see your love for your little guy and the hope you have for his future! congrats on one year! now lets all pray we make it through the next 18+ 🙂


  2. OH MY WORD. I laughed so hard that you were afraid to go number 2 on yourself while giving birth. I swear that has to be the main fear of every pregnant woman who is honest with herself!!! I'm afraid of that and I'm not even pregnant…


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