party time

This weekend, we’re celebrating PB’s first birthday!ย Are you kidding me!?

Technically, his birthday isn’t until next week, but thanks to football playoffs, we’re having it a little early. I don’t care. That only means we’ll celebrate it twice. Or all week for that matter. A first birthday is a big deal, people!

So today, I’m baking/cooking/decorating like a mad woman, for a birthday party that my son won’t remember.


But that’s okay. I’ll take lots of pictures and savor the moment, knowing this will probably be one of the few parties that I have any say in. I highly doubt he’ll let me set up a plush rocking horse at his 16th birthday party.

Have a blessed weekend!

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11 thoughts on “party time

  1. every birthday you're going to be a mad woman, dont forget to sit down and play with him, forget the food let everyone help themselves and savor the moment! i am always crazy on birthdays and i have finally learned to do the easiest food and decor and spent time with my girls! happy birthday parker and happy one year mom and dad!


  2. Aww! Is his name Parker? That is my maiden name. So big thumbs up for that! Happiest of birthdays to PB, and big congrats to you for surviving and thriving through an entire year of motherhood ๐Ÿ™‚



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