birthday partaaaaay

We partied this weekend. Like seriously partied.

We celebrated the big numero uno, y’all, and we had a blast!

We ate, we sang, we opened presents, we played with friends, I ate a little more, we played with toys, and we had fun.

We had a farm party, partially because PB’s favorite word at the moment is ‘moo’.

We played with friends…

And ate birthday cake……

And opened presents…..

We had such a good time surrounded by our families and friends. PB didn’t quite know what to think. (By the way, PB’s real name is ‘Parker Boone’, so that’s where ‘Boone’s Barn’ came from). I think he was a little overwhelmed. It was sensory overload. Balloons to look at, friends to see, new toys to play with, he was one happy and overwhelmed kiddo!
You know, I’ve heard many people who say they’ve cried on their baby’s first birthday. I didn’t. I couldn’t. I was just too excited for him. Do they grow up fast? Heck yes. Do I wish he was still a little baby? Absolutely not. It’s too much fun to watch him grow and learn new things. And honestly, this week when he turns one, we’ll celebrate it with pure joy that the Lord has blessed us with this little man for one whole year. And we’ll pray for many, many more birthdays to come.
More birthday details and fun to share tomorrow!
Have a blessed Monday 🙂
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12 thoughts on “birthday partaaaaay

  1. Your party turned out great! I love the picture of you delivering his cake. It made me tear up a little bit thinking about how that will be me someday(not bringing PB a cake…bringing Ellen one…although I can bring him a cake if he really wants…)



  2. what an adorable party! Looks like he had a lot of fun too. I never cried at my kids first parties either..Taking down Caseys crib this weekend for the first time in 7 years did me in though


  3. Looks like everything turned out great! I love the banner you made (I'm guessing you made it, right?)!!!

    I also have to admit that I am jealous that your hair is so long and has those perfect little curls on the end!


  4. Your hair and your family are gorgeous. I mean you totally are too but I was instantly jealous of your long beautiful hair… So exciting for the big numero uno milestone and looks like lots of fun! 🙂


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