thankful thursday: those who serve

I know, I know. I’m late getting my thankful Thursday up today. PB and I have been running errands all day. We’re both pooped. He’s nonstop right now. Would you believe I’ve lost 2 pounds since I’ve been staying at home with him (2 weeks)? Staying at home with PB = one killer workout!

I digress.

Several years ago, I went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with a group from college. The trip was great, and was really an eye-opener for me. It showed me how much I take for granted. While we were there we met other missionaries, who, gulp, actually lived in poor conditions by choice. They moved to the DR to serve as missionaries to the people there. They live now to serve others. Gone were the comforts of home, the familiar faces, and the clean water. They gave up everything they knew to serve others for the glory of God. Wow.

As Veteran’s Day approaches, I think about all of the veterans and our current service men and women who serve our country. I think about their families, too. I have to say, with shame, that I have always taken my freedom for granted. I don’t think about the day in, day out sacrifice that many people are making for my freedom.

I follow some blogs of some military families. I read about their struggles adjusting to a move to a new military base, or a new country, for that matter. I read about the time they spend away from their spouses and families. I’ve unfortunately read about their losses, too. I’ve never met these people before, and don’t know (most) of them. Yet, they are living in a strange place, away from their loved ones, for me. 

So today I’m thankful for those who serve others. Whether they serve in a missionary capacity or a military capacity, I’m so thankful for the sacrifice they are making. I have to think that God will really bless those who serve others. After all, His precious Son was the ultimate humble Servant. It really puts me in my place to think about what these servants are doing for me. I’m quite a terd sometimes. I don’t have a servant’s heart like I should. I get mad at myself because sometimes I’ll do something for someone and subconsciously ‘expect’ something in return. Can you imagine if our soldiers and their families expected something in return for every hour they served? They should expect our prayers and appreciation, though.

So thank you. Thank you missionaries. Thank you veterans. Thank you current service men and women.  Thank you for all who serve with the Servant’s heart. Thank you for protecting me. Thank you for being uncomfortable so that I am comfortable. It hardly seems fair. I’m so sorry that I take your service for granted.

I pray that God will really bless you for all that you do. YOU are seriously LEGIT!

Have a blessed Thursday 🙂


2 thoughts on “thankful thursday: those who serve

  1. I'm thankful for my cousins who are serving right this minute. I am also thankful that they were able to do this deployment together!


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