the easiest wreath you’ll ever make

A couple of weeks ago, the ladies at my church got together to make fall wreaths for the church door. We had youth that night, so I couldn’t participate, but I snuck in to check out their creations (in case you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for wreaths). Teresa, our pastor’s wife, had the most brilliant idea for a fabric wreath that I’ve ever seen. I mean I knew our church ladies could cook, but they can craft too? They’re legit, man!

I had to try one of these babies for myself, and it didn’t disappoint. It was so easy to make and will be so versatile. Plus, I didn’t use any hot glue! That was a first for me. 
You’ll need a straw wreath, fabric squares (I used burlap, go figure), and a screwdriver. Yep. That’s it. Unless you want to add some doolittles to yours.
First, cut your fabric into squares. I cut my burlap into 2×2 inch squares. 
And then, take the screwdriver (I used a very small flat head), and simply punch the fabric into the wreath.
That’s it! It’s painfully easy. Burlap may be a little tricky to punch in, though, so make sure you position your screwdriver on a cross stitch before you punch it in.
Keep punching the fabric in all the way around the wreath. I tried to punch mine close together. 
And you’re done!
It’s pretty as it is.
But you can dress it up a little, too.
I added a few spray-painted burlap rosettes and a piece of Christmas tree greenery. I attached them with floral wire, so I can change out the adornments when I want. 
I kinda like it plain, though, with maybe a little ribbon or bow added to it. And after I found out that you could successfully spray paint burlap (!), I started dreaming of the possibilities with this baby.
A red painted burlap wreath with a simple white ribbon for Valentine’s day.

A yellow painted burlap wreath with a ‘springy’ ribbon for spring. 
I’m getting excited.
And, the wonderful thing about this method is that it works for other fabric, too. Teresa and the ladies at church were using plain colored cotton fabric. They cut their squares with pinking shears, which made for a really neat presentation as well. 
You’d be surprised how well the fabric holds in place, too. Obviously, it will come out if you pull hard, but that’s part of the beauty of it too. If you get tired of it, just rip it all out and start all over! Simple stuff, man!
Have a blessed Wednesday 🙂 
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17 thoughts on “the easiest wreath you’ll ever make

  1. It looks fantastic! I have made these kind of wreaths before, but with cotton fabrics. I really like the look of the burlap. Very versatile.. and you can pull all those out and do it again in different colors.. fabrics.. etc. Many possibilities!


  2. why'd you show me this? now you know i have to go make a burlap wreath just like it. i already have a wreath up that is ruffley tan linen in my head this is different…but what will the husband say? hmmmmm. i wonder what color besides tan i could do? you know i love all things cream. gray?


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