words i’ve ate as a mom

Ben and I have been parents for a little over a year now. A couple of nights ago,we were talking about how much our idea of parenthood has changed since we, gasp, actually became parents.

I still say there is nothing in this world that makes you feel more like a hypocrite than being a parent. Before I had a baby, I knew exactly how to be a parent. I obviously had a wealth of knowledge when it came to childcare. I would do this. I would never do that. My child would always be like this. He would never do that. This list goes on and on. 

Oh, friends, how I’ve ate so many of my words!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I’ve compiled a short list of “Word I’ve Ate Since I Became A Mom”.

1. “Can you believe what a fit that kid is throwing, right here in the middle of Chili’s? I mean there are other people trying to eat here, take your kid outside”. Chili’s seems to be the equivalent of the devil’s hell to PB. Every time we’ve been there, he pitches a fit. My instinct at first was to take him outside, away from all of the evil stares we were getting (I’ve been one of those evil starers before). But I soon realized that giving him his way every time wasn’t good for him or us. So now, we try to suffer through the restaurant tantrums as much as possible.

2. “Ughh, that kid is so spoiled. Every time he doesn’t get his way, he cries. My kid won’t be like that”. Even sometimes when I don’t get my way, I want to cry. When we take something away from PB, he’ll usually initially fuss or cry. And then we redirect his attention to something else and he’s usually fine. At his age now, he doesn’t understand why he can’t have something, so when we take it away, he does the only thing that can release his frustration, to cry or fuss. I can’t believe I was so naive to think that you could prevent a one year old from crying when you took something away from him. They’re kids, not drill sergeants.

3. “She’s just a stay-at-home-mom, how busy can she be?” Oh Britt. First, if you’re a SAHM, please don’t get offended by this. This was my immature/delusional/spoiled brat thought before I had kids. I thought you got to lay around all day and watch soaps, bake cookies, and sleep late. I could not have been more wrong. I have gained an unbelievable amount of respect for SAHMs since I’ve been one for the last month. I have never had a more challenging job. There has never been more demanded of me. And I’ve only got one kid! I mentioned before that I had lost weight staying at home, and it’s true. I’m on the ‘go’ so much more now that I’m home. When PB’s awake, I’m chasing him around the house, making sure he doesn’t throw the remote in the toilet or eat candle wax (again). When he naps, I eat a quick lunch, wash our mounds of laundry, and pick up a never ending mess. It seems society kinda looks down on the SAHM now, like she’s lazy or doesn’t want to work, or has it made. But honestly, I really don’t think a harder job exists than being a SAHM. You work hard all day. Keeping a 1-year old from burning down the house isn’t easy (I can’t imagine what it’s like with more). You don’t get ‘paid’, no ‘raises’, no ‘days off’. But, I have to say, its probably one of the most rewarding, too.

4. “My house will never be that messy when I have kids.” This thought may sound silly, but it was a serious subject to me. I’m obsessed with cleaning. And I say this in a not-so-joking way. I really am. And its something I’m not really proud of. Sometimes, it consumes me. And its stupid things, really. For instance, I can’t stand dirty floors. So I’ve had people come to my house to visit, and I can’t pay attention to anything they are saying because I’m staring at the piece of grass that fell off of their shoe. I tried to get better at this, to no avail. And then I had a baby. And my house hasn’t been the same. I will say, in my opinion, its practically impossible to have a spotless house with a kid. There is just no way. There’s food in places it should be. I find matchbox cars in the kitchen cabinets. And tiny little socks in every corner in my house. But it’s okay. And sometimes, it’s kinda cute. Instead of freaking out like I would have in the past, I find myself giggling at finding cheesy puffs in the bathtub. (Of course, I laugh and then go scrub down the tub- I said I was better, not cured 😉

5. “My kid will be well behaved in church.” Impossible. Utterly impossible. At least at certain ages, it is abso-stinkin-lutely impossible.

What about you other moms out there, what words have you eaten as a parent? And those without kids, am I the only one who ever thought these things?!!?!?

Have a blessed Wednesday 🙂


9 thoughts on “words i’ve ate as a mom

  1. I'm the oldest kid and my mom used to leave me at home with the kids, so I know it's a lot of work to keep up with. I still think I'll be eating a lot of my words when I have kids too. It's a whole different ball park when they are yours!

    By the way your blog has become one of my daily reads and I passed the Versatile Blogger award on to you in my post this morning! 🙂


  2. ummm..nailed it. perfectly said you.nailed.it. you are correct on all levels and i had the same assumption except mine included that if i ever had a brother or a sister i woudl love them and never fight.. so i still dont understand when my one year old and four year old fight over a toy, or their space.. WHY!?!?! matt says this is something to be expected it just comes with having a sibling..still dont get it.


  3. I said all of the above things…Even after having kids…It seems with each one of my kids they get worse and worse lol. Casey has already had stitches and hes not even 2.5!


  4. Oh HONEY. . .I've eaten so many words that taste like vinegar now it's not even funny! I was SO ready to be a Mom. I knew EV-ERY-THING there was to know about being a Mom. And then I became one. And I knew nothing. It's sad, really. How arrogant and disillusional I truly was. You're not alone, Doll!


  5. When I was pregnant, I had a bit of time off of work before Ellen was born. I got so bored staying at home, I didn't know how good I would be at being a SAHM. Turns out, it's quite a bit of work, and I never have a lack of things to do. Right now I am typing this, washing diapers, eating a microwave meal, and finding out Ellen likes to lay on the floor now. It's the only way she will stop fussing!


  6. I have definitely eaten some words, but you know what was most surprising for me when I became a SAHM? I NEVER WEAR CLEAN CLOTHES. My clothes are clean for about 10 minutes in the morning and then I have spit up or droll or snot or food or markers or SOMETHING on them. I hate it. 🙂


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