an unorganized list.

1. A little part of me wants pajama jeans for Christmas. Not all of me, but a little part of me does. I saw them at Walmart the other day, and if those dern things hadn’t been boxed up, I would have went and tried them on. It’s so tempting, you know.

2. I’m crawling out of the house this week. My baby is finally feeling better, praise the Lord! He was actually feeling better late last week, but we didn’t want to get him out for fear of infection in his blisters. He had some nasty blisters. But this week? Katie, bar the door. We still haven’t seen the man in red. He’s on our agenda this week, along with Chick-fil-a waffle fries, and Target.

3. Ben doesn’t read my blog. Like, ever. In fact, if I didn’t remind him, I don’t think he’d know the web address. So, I think it’s pretty safe to discuss sensitive matters here, with confidence that Ben won’t read it. And by sensitive matters, I’m talking Christmas presents. The man is hard to shop for. For a man who says he doesn’t want much, he’s very specific about what he does want. Right now, he’s trying to outfit a weight area in my parent’s basement, so thus, he wanted weight things for Christmas. I would like to say I had a fabulous time dropping a 30 lb. dumbbell on my left foot in the middle of Dick’s the other day. I’m tempted to stick some money in a card and call it quits.

4. I’ve not been in the Christmas spirit this year. I know exactly why. This weather. It has been in the 50s here, most every day since forever. The 50s! I walked outside yesterday in a t-shirt. This isn’t supposed to happen at Christmas, people. No snow. No cold weather. It’s really bummed me out. I’m a winter gal, as in it could snow 360 days a year (need a one week beach break) and I would be thrilled.

5. I force my poor mother to wrap my Christmas presents every year, even if I pick them out while shopping with her. I still make her wrap them so I can open them on Christmas morning. And none of that bag junk, either. I want my presents wrapped in paper. I’m a diva like that. I get a thrill ripping through the paper.

6. I’m wondering how we will explain Santa and the chimney to PB in a few years. We have a gas logs and a mantle. No fireplace. No chimney. Santa crawled up through the gas log pipes? Santa opened a window and punched through a screen?

7. Baking soda takes the vomit smell out of carpet. No joke. I learned this last week.

8. My best friend will be having her baby any day now, and I can hardly stand it.

9. I feel like I went on a weird vacation last week. I didn’t cook much, didn’t clean much, didn’t sleep much, or doing anything much except take care of a sick boy. I felt strangely disconnected from the world. And it was kinda nice. Not the whole ‘sick baby’ part, but the disconnect from the world part.

10. My friends and I played ‘Saved by the Bell’ when we were younger. We always fought over who would get to be Kelly. Usually, we assigned our roles based on hair color. For one time in my life, I was actually proud of my hair, unlike this time:

Read more about my troubled hair past here and here.

11. I’m not going to lie. I still watch ‘Saved by the Bell’. It’s still one of my favorite shows. I think I’m stuck in the early 90s. It makes me a little sad that Zack and Kelly aren’t married in real life.

12. Thanks for coming back today to the ole’ blog after my hiatus last week. Y’all are legit!

Have a blessed Monday 🙂


11 thoughts on “an unorganized list.

  1. 6. I'm wondering how we will explain Santa and the chimney to PB in a few years. We have a gas logs and a mantle. No fireplace. No chimney. Santa crawled up through the gas log pipes? Santa opened a window and punched through a screen?

    We have a “Santa Key” at our house. Every year if my son has been good Santa will mail him a key about a week – two weeks before Christmas (depending on whne I remember!!) that we hang out on our mail box. That is how Santa gets in our house. We don't have a chimney either. I got my Santa key at Food City this year. It's gold and just looks like an old skeleton key.


  2. YAY! So glad PB's feeling better and you're able to get out to enjoy the fun of Christmas! And say whaaa… I seem to have missed the jean pajama train. What an AWESOME idea! ;o)


  3. I ❤ Saved by the Bell...and me and my sis loved playing the game too...I started the Santa Key tradition this year, since we have a fireplace with gas logs and no chimney..


  4. I can relate to so many of your points here! Regarding PB and Santa, my parents' first house didn't have s fireplace and when I asked about it my mom told me Santa could push his nose like a button and shrink down small enough to fit through the keyhole, presents and all!

    Nick also never reads my blog, and is incredibly hard to shop for! He doesn't want anything and is not easily impressed. I think I got him some good stuff this year, though. Hope your foot wasn't injured too badly!


  5. Best.Post.Ever.!! I'm not sure where to start LOL! Glad the baby is feeling better, my husband is horrible to shop for, I make my mom wrap my presents pretty too, LOVE saved by the bell, and for the santa thing, watch Santa Clause with Tim Allen, it shows what happens to houses without fireplaces. We have a small wood burner stove in the toy room that we never use, and my 3 year old currently calls it The Santa Box…it's fabulous. LOL!


  6. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….. Oh my word… I literally laughed out loud at your hair. Adorable. I can't wait to have kids so I can give them bad haircuts that we can laugh at someday! 🙂 And I would absolutely still watch Saved by the Bell if I could. In fact, I get really excited when we stay at a hotel and it's playing on some random channel at 6 in the morning.


  7. Just found your blog (love it!) and I was reading some of your posts… had to comment on this one. Right after we signed the papers to buy our current home I panicked because I realized we had no fireplace either!!! ACK!!! Two little boys and no fireplace for Santa?!?!? Why on earth did we buy this house?!?! Enter the Santa key. I bought mine at Hallmark a few years ago (ahem, I mean it came with the house) and it's cool. Santa is the only one who can use it… it only works for him. We leave it on the front door knob on Christmas Eve. Totally works for us. Just google Santa key and you can have your very own!


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