i’m not a teenager anymore (and God’s goodness)


Have you ever done this…. you go to put something back in the freezer and your freezer is too packed so you just shove it in there, and then slam the door, full knowing that the next time you open your freezer door, the item you shoved in will fall out? Am I the only one? I do this all the time. I guess I just hope Ben will be the next one to open the door so then he’ll have to put it back in. 
Thoughtfulness. A key component to a healthy marriage.
Anyway, I did this tonight. Mostly because I’m feeling lazy, and partly because I’m tired. Do you know why I’m tired? 
Because I’m not a teenager anymore.
Yep. I’m old. I thought I was still really youngish and cool and hip and all those good things, but alas, I’m an old lady now.
This past weekend, we took our youth group, full of teenagers, to a weekend retreat called Resurrection. My 9 o’clock bedtime would not fly with them. Do you remember when it was cool to stay up all night? Yea, I do too. But then I had a baby. And suddenly, staying up all night is my worst fear. 
So, I stayed up entirely too late, and ate entirely too much food. In short, I’m entirely too tired, and my skinny jeans won’t button entirely. Okay, okay. They haven’t buttoned entirely in a loooong time.
But, we had such an amazing time! Resurrection is a youth rally/revival held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. There were thousands of teens there to worship the Lord this weekend. Talk about awesome!

There was lots of good preaching and great praise and worship music. But what was most incredible to me was the enthusiasm and excitement from the kids. It’s so cool to see a bunch of kids pumped about Jesus. I wish I had been more like that at as a teenager. It makes me excited to see what God has in store for our youth group and this generation as a whole.  
This revival really touched my heart. I am so blessed. Seriously, so incredibly, amazingly blessed. And God provides for me beyond what I need. So I wonder, how much am I giving Him? Not nearly enough, that’s for sure. 
What if God worked for me only as much as I worked for Him?
Have a blessed Tuesday 🙂

8 thoughts on “i’m not a teenager anymore (and God’s goodness)

  1. Oh my word I TOTALLY understand what you mean. I thought 27 was young enough to keep up with those whippersnappers but turns out it's not and I haven't even had a baby yet! I'm just an old lady who likes to have a full night's sleep before work. And I'm glad I'm not the only one with a 9pm bedtime. 🙂 Praise the Lord for all the work He's doing in these kids though!


  2. I SSOO do the freezer thing, but SHHH don't tell Nick! 🙂 And yes, i also learned I am not as young as I used to be… I still haven't recovered from the trip.


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