oh, sleep.

Do you remember nights when you slept like a soft, white unicorn on a fluffy cloud? When you dreamt of fairies and chocolate covered cookie dough balls and butterflies? When your head hit the pillow and you didn’t move until morning?

I don’t. 
Just when we were about to hi-five our parenting selves for having a good schedule with our boy, PB threw us for a big ole’ loop. And this loop is called the ‘I don’t want to sleep because I don’t have to sleep because you don’t need to sleep’ loop, and it’s been going on for over a week now. We have always been very lucky to have a sleeping boy. For the most part, he’s always had a pretty good sleep schedule. And then out of nowhere last week, it hit.
It’s 3:43 a.m. I’m dreaming of building big wooden things with my new table saw (yes, I actually dream about things like that). All of the sudden, I hear, “Mama, mama, mama, mama, mama?” I roll over and look at the clock. I think it’s still part of my dream. “Mama, dadda, tacta (tractor), papaw, nana, moos (cows), doose (goose-what he calls my brother), ball, hat, toot (shoot), dow bow (brown dog), mama, dadda, moooooooos!”
This proceeds for 5 minutes. He’s not crying. He’s not fussing. He’s simply reciting all of the words he has in his vocabulary. I drag my lifeless body out of bed and peek in his room, ever so quietly, as not to let him see me. Because, if he sees me, then it’s over, right?!
Shoot! He sees me. It’s over. I try patting his back. No dice. He’s trying to climb out of the crib. It’s 3:57 a.m. for Pete’s sake! So then I climb in his crib. Yes, I know. I’m waiting for the night it collapses with us. I lay with him and try to pat him back to sleep. He picks my nose. He laughs. I cry. I tell him to lay still and fall back asleep. He tries to dittle (tickle) my chin. I think this must really be a dream. However, it is not. I am reminded of that as he sticks his little fingers deep in my eye sockets. 
This goes on until I hear our alarm clock go off. I lay in the crib, swearing I won’t go to work that day, until Ben comes and drags me out. This has gone on for over a week, people. Every morning, like clockwork, he wakes up ready to play. He’s been going to bed over an hour later every night, too. I don’t know what is going on. I’m blaming the time change. Is it winter yet?
Last night, at 3:23 a.m., as we laid in bed listening to PB recite the names of everyone he knows, half mad, half laughing, and fully delirious, we were reminded how much parenthood had changed our lives. Gone are those nights where we slept so peacefully. Whether we’re interrupted by a baby who likes to talk in his sleep, or we’re laying awake wondering when our teenage boy will get his butt home, life is no longer the same.

But it’s okay, because no matter what he does, he still looks cute. And nothing screams cute like riding your rocking horse in the bathroom 38 minutes past your bedtime:

Seriously, when ‘they’ say, ‘enjoy your sleep while you can’, for CRYING OUT LOUD, LISTEN PEOPLE! ‘They’ know what they are talking about!
So for those of you with kiddos, have your kids ever had problems adjusting to the time changes? Do they ever randomly have periods where they don’t want to sleep? Is this normal? Are we doomed? Can I please have some toothpicks to hold up my eyelids?
Have a blessed Monday 🙂

5 thoughts on “oh, sleep.

  1. Max sometimes just goes through phases like this. It never seems to be for any good reason, he'll just start waking in the night, or getting up early, or talking in his bed for an hour at night before falling asleep. Eventually things always seem to go back to normal (whatever normal is these days!). He just seems to be at an age where life is so exciting, that sometimes he has so much going on in his little head that it gets in the way of sleep 🙂


  2. I'm sorry the lil' man is giving you a hard time–my kids have been crazed too, but I blame spring colds, unseasonably warm weather and the time change, but the real point of awe in this post is…how in the world do you fit in his crib?? I am amazed by that nonchalant piece of news, especially in my altered state of hugeness with this pregnancy! Impressive!


  3. let me just say, IT GETS BETTER! my girls have each gone through this, evie literally went for almost 74 days i think..i really kept up with it during the time it was happening.. without sleeping through the night around 13 months… i wanted to die. i wanted to crawl out my bedroom window at night and sleep in the car so matt would have to be the one who woke up.. and everyime i would fall back asleep she would wake up. there are some molars he possibly is getting?? BUT it is probably a phase and,this too shall pass! i believe @tiny blue lines– brittany is what you could label as 'pocket sized' teeny tinsy mommy 🙂 haha! xo!


  4. my little girl is 20 months old and she is going through the same thing. She use to go to sleep on her own, no crying and now she cried for 20 minutes or so and sometimes I have to “pat-pat” her butt to get her to sleep. She didn't take a nap for 3 days and it was driving me crazy.. I need that 2 hour break of peach and quiet. I blame it on the time change also! Hope you get some sleep soon!


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