a boy and his worm.

“Hey PB, what are you boys doin’?”

“Oh, nothing mom. We’re not doing anything. We’re just playing. We’re fine. You can go on back to the house now”.
“Are you trying to get rid of your mama? You wouldn’t be doing something you’re not supposed to be doing, would you?”

“No mama. I don’t know what you are talking about. I’m completely innocent”.
“What’s that in your hand?”

“What are you talking about mama?”
“Your hand. Let me see what’s in your hand”. 
“But mama-“………
“No buts. Open your hand, son.”
“Parker Boone, what on earth is that?!?!?!”

“It’s just a wittle worm, mama”. 
“Put that thing down right now! That’s nasty! You’ll get germs! Go wash your hands now! Where did you get that? Who gave that to you? Why do you have a worm? You’re too little to have a worm!”

“But mama, me and daddy were just huntin’ for some frogs and I found this worm. I got it for you. Don’t you like it, mama?”
You’ve just got to love little boys…..
I’m on spring break, y’all! The first spring break I’ve had as an adult, and I must say, it is vaaaanderful! Ben’s not on the same break as I am, so it’s just me and the little guy all week. After I emerge from my Benadryl coma, we are planning to build some forts under the kitchen table, dig in the dirt (looking for more worms, do doubt), and eat lots of ice cream and other sugary things. I’ll probably stay up a little past my 9:17 p.m. bedtime. Just a little, though. If you’ve never taken a spring break, I would highly recommend it! Work can be overrated 😉
Have a blessed Monday 🙂

7 thoughts on “a boy and his worm.

  1. Isn't it so nice to have a break?!? Our spring break is still three weeks away but I am already counting down the days =)


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