It’s my 200th post, y’all!

I still can’t believe I’ve kept this going for so long. I was fairly certain that this blog would have the lifespan similar to that of my Giga Pet. Side note, does anybody remember Giga Pets? It was a little digital keychain where you ‘took care’ of a digital pet. I remember for a very short period of time that I was obsessed with my Giga Pet. My 4th grade existence was to feed that dern dog and clean up the digital poop. After a while, I got tired of all of the beeping and hid it in my toy box. By the way, that’s really not an option with children 😉
Anyway, to follow up with my 100th post and a blogging tradition, here are 20 more pointless, useless, and random facts about myself.
1. I have a bad habit to leave clothes in the dryer, and instead of getting them out and folding them, I just restart the dryer, hoping they’ll magically fold themselves while on their 167th cycle in the dryer.
2. I’m a hypochondriac. Seriously. If I read about a disease, I’ve got it. I can make myself have practically any symptom I want. I watch a commercial about osteoporosis? I’ve got it. Erectile dysfunction? Yep, had that too.
3. I took the LSAT. Once upon a time I wanted to be a lawyer. I also wanted to be on the Price is Right. I set lofty goals.
4. I have 5 wisdom teeth. I guess I should be smart.
5. I’ve already tried to write 3 things I already used on my 100 post. Shows how exciting I am.
6. I don’t like tea.
7. Or coffee.
8. I think about adoption a lot.
9. I have LOTS of gray hair. Really. I do. It’s starting to get pretty noticeable, too.
10. I love Betty White. I loved her even before it was cool to love her.
11. I hate watermelon.
12. Somehow, after I had a baby, I can eat or drink anything and immediately look 4 1/2 months pregnant.
13. I’m running out of things I know about myself.
14. I’m currently reading Matthew in the Bible. I really like Matthew. This is my 3rd time reading this book (Matthew, not the Bible). It’s easier for me to understand.
15. I love yard sales and thrift stores. I can’t ‘bargain’ though. I don’t know how to ‘negotiate’ prices.
16. I hate to work out. I prefer to go chase my boy outside and call that my exercise. And pushing a toddler out my mile-long road in a stroller is a serious workout. I don’t care who you are, it hurts!
17. I want to go on one of those Murder Mystery retreats. I know, nerdy.
18. I never understood how there were two graduations on Saved by the Bell. Remember? Kelly graduates with them one time, and then they graduated when Tori is on the show, too. I’ve always wondered about that.
19. I’m terrible at math. Terrible.
20. I drink milk right out of the jug. My mom still fusses at me for this.

So there’s a little more about myself. Maybe in a couple of years I’ll build up to the traditional ‘100’ things about myself. Yea. Probably not. Anyway, thank you so much for sticking with me through these 200 posts. You guys are really just so awesome and you make this so much fun for me. I hope you get half of encouragement and inspiration from me as I get from you all.

Now, tell me some of you do #1 and #20!!!!

Have a blessed Wednesday 🙂


9 thoughts on “200.

  1. I ALWAYS do #1! We are great at washing and drying clothes around here but not folding them! So then they sit in there and wrinkle and we have to restart it it to get the wrinkles out..lol As for #20 I don't, but I do drink right out of 2 liters…Does that count??? 🙂


  2. Yup. #1 and #20 all the time. #1 is my dirty little secret though. Mike would just die if he knew I was running up our bills like that. But he doesn't like his clothes to be wrinkly. So what am I supposed to do? Take them out on time? Iron them? Hah! I'm too busy reading your blog. Jeez.

    Congrats on 200 🙂


  3. I love how everyone does number 1! And yes, I remember giga pets. I had a few. They got pretty demanding! I saw a cute thing on pinterest the other day about all of the things kids who grew up in the 90s would remember. It took me back! Also, for not the first time i have decided we are meant to be best friends.


  4. Congrats on 200 – isn't it crazy how time flies?! #1 is the standard in our house (it's probably a bad thing that our dryer has a “freshen up” setting. And. (sometimes I feel like this is weird): I just realized that I don't think I have ever actually had milk straight from the jug. But then, I'm paranoid about bad milk, so normally try to avoid the jug in general. But hey – whatdya know? ;o)


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