Time is just flying.

It always seems like spring is a busy time, but I feel like I’ve kicked in 5th gear now. I’ve got just a few weeks left of student teaching, so all of my assignments are coming due soon. Plus, I’ve started the mad dash for job applications and, hopefully, interviews. I’m pretty much asking for your sympathy and understanding for my lack of posts, by the way 😉

These past couple of weeks have been a blur, and the next couple of weeks will no doubt be the same way. But in the midst of all of it, I’m making sure to stop and enjoy everything that matters most, like this……

and some of this…..

and lots of this……

with tons of this…..

and a little bit of this sprinkled in….

Did you have a good Easter weekend? We did. Lots of time with family and lots of eating. That’s always a win, win. And then we had an incredible Sunday morning service delivered by Ben. I look around at all that God has blessed me with and my heart is thankful. And then I imagine Him sending His only Son to die for me, so that I can have eternal life, and my heart is overwhelmed. He loves us that much.

Have a blessed Tuesday 🙂


7 thoughts on “springness.

  1. First, I love your dress in these pictures! And PB is so stinking cute! On the last few weeks of student teaching/job application/interviews front I feel you! I mean obviously my student teaching was last semester but the last few weeks are horrible! But then suddenly you can breath! And good luck on a job! I am doing the same thing, shopping myself out for a job! It is so scary!


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