life lately.

I’ve been pinning workouts on Pinterest lately. 
I have good intentions. 
I do. Really.
But this:
image via.
This is my life. 

Please bear with me, friends! 

I’m in the home stretch of my student teaching and I’m planning, writing, and researching for my final projects like a mad woman. I promise I’ll be back soon and post when I can 🙂
Have a blessed Tuesday 🙂

4 thoughts on “life lately.

  1. hahahaha love it! i am the same way right now, i NEEEEEED to blog but have no time. i feel everytime i miss out on blogging that i am bursting at the seams the next time to go on and on


  2. That is so me! I have started running though! I use an app called Couch to 5k and it's awesome. I'm in week 2 and so excited to run my first 5k next month!

    Just keep your head above water! Student teaching was the busiest, most crazy time in my life, so I understand how you feel! Good luck!


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