I love, love, love to fish. It’s probably one of my top 3 things to do in my free time. Free time. Haha.

Anyway, we took PB on his first fishing trip this weekend. My parents took him a couple of weekends ago, but he wasn’t feeling well and didn’t really enjoy it. so I don’t count that as his ‘first’. I was a little disheartened. I was hoping that he would really like it. As he gets older and into his teen years, he probably won’t have much in common with his ole’ mom. I was hoping fishing would be something that we could do together, even as I get less ‘cool’ in his eyes.
I’m pretty sure we’ll be hanging out, fishin’ together for a long time.
He really liked it! He has his own little Spiderman pole. We threw it in for him, and he caught a fish! Of course, we had to reel it in for him, but he was pretty pumped. He kept saying, “wow, pish, pish, pish”.ย 
Of course fishing held his attention for all of 5 minutes, but that’s pretty good for my mile-a-minute boy. He ran around the whole time, and would always come and touch a ‘pish’ whenever I caught one.ย 
I can see that this will be the start of many fishing trips with my little fella……as long as he doesn’t catch more than me.
Have a blessed Monday ๐Ÿ™‚

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