i’m still here, really.

I’m still here.

I promise.

Really, I am.

Right now, I suppose I’m doing what all first year teachers are doing. Running from one place to the next, with my head spinning nonstop. For lunch today, I tried to put my sub sandwich on the copier machine instead of the microwave. It’s been a busy, busy couple of weeks. But I’m blessed-SO BLESSED- to even have a job right now, so I’ll just take the chaos like a grain of salt.

I have such a love/hate relationship with fall. It is, BY FAR, my most favorite season. I love everything about it….except trying to squeeze my unforgiving post-baby body into last year’s skinny jeans. Yea. I don’t like that. But everything else, I love, love, love. Except for football. Football is actually one of my favorite sports to watch. And I have always enjoyed going to football games, but now, fall means football, and football means Ben is gone most of the time. And that means there’s no rest for the weary. Ben gets home later now, so it’s PB and me for most of the evening. And man oh man, that kid can wear me out in the evenings. I can hardly keep up with him right now. We’re trying to find a new ‘normal’ and settle into a routine. It’s been a change for me to go back to work. We are all having to adjust.

On a side note, I got my first paycheck in 10 months, and let me tell you, it felt good. Part of me wanted to go wild and spend all of my money. It reminded me of the days when I waitressed in high school, and my paycheck was used for leisurely things. Ahhhhhhh…..Anyway,  I controlled myself, and really, we’re living just like we are on one paycheck still. What an awesome lesson we have learned this year living on one income. I’m planning a blog post about that soon.

In the meantime, I’m going to bed. Like, now. I’m still around, I promise! And I hope things will settle down soon and I can get back to a regular posting 🙂

Have a blessed Tuesday 🙂


2 thoughts on “i’m still here, really.

  1. Good luck to the start of the new school year! And I hear you–fall is my favorite too, except it means all the teachers in my family go back to work and I'm alone with THREE kids. Agggh! Praying for your new job to go well! 🙂


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