pinterest challenge.

Way back when, I participated in the YHL/BowerPower Pinterest Challenge (you can find my cheap snowflakes here and my burlap wreath here). I love Pinterest, and I am quite the ‘pinner’. I have lofty, lofty goals, and I have good intentions. But most of my ‘pins’ don’t make it past my computer screen. Case in point: my ‘fitness’ pins. I can pin those “Carrie Underwood Leg Moves” and the “Victoria’s Secret Model Workout” like nobody’s business. Have I worked those abs or legs yet? Not quite. But it’s a nice thought. In fact, it makes me feel more fit by just pinning them. That counts as something, I’m sure.

At any rate, I like to join in on these Pinterest Challenges ever so often, so I can ‘put some pins into practice’ and make something. I’ve got a dear friend who is due to give birth any second now, so I knew I wanted to make something personal for her for my challenge. I decided on making some personalized wooden blocks for her son’s nursery. Here is my pinspiration:


My best friend made me a set of these wooden blocks for PB’s nursery, and I loved them! I’d never seen them before. They were so adorable, and matched his room perfectly. I love the flexibility of these blocks. You could make them for any occasion or any room. And, they were really easy to make! That’s always a plus.

I did not take any pictures of the step-by-step process this time. Heck, I barely had time to make it. I’ve got a 2 year-old who doesn’t think we should do anything but play outside (and I am perfectly okay with that). But I will tell ya’ what I did.

First, I scouted out a good 2×4 piece of wood. I looked for a piece with minimal cracking and flaws. Then, I sawed off several 2 inch blocks. I alternated the height of the blocks as well. I used my new table saw (just because I had an excuse to use it), but this would have easily been a job for a regular Skil saw. After that, I wiped the blocks clean and let them dry. I had an older piece of wood I swiped from the barn, so this was a necessary step for me. Then, I used some acrylic paint and painted each block. I alternated the colors. I used three colors to match my friend’s nursery. I applied two coats of paint, and then let them dry. After each coat and block dried, I traced (in pencil) the letters for the block. Then I painted over each letter. Finally, I gave a rough sand to the corners and ends of each block for a distressed/weathered look. Once I had cut the blocks (which didn’t take long), this was a ‘naptime’ project, meaning it was easy enough and quick enough to get finished during PB’s naptime. That’s life now- project feasibility is based on nap duration 🙂

The blocks matched my friend’s nursery colors perfectly. They look so sweet sitting on her elephant shelf. I also painted several of the letters differently on both sides, that way she could switch out the look if she wanted (I used lowercase and uppercase A and O).

Have you finished any Pinterest projects lately? Do you find yourself (like me) as a habitual pinner, yet have trouble making ‘good’ on any pin? Do you pin workouts as you eat ice cream?!?! Tell me I’m not alone!

Have a blessed Wednesday 🙂


4 thoughts on “pinterest challenge.

  1. Oh honey. You are not alone. Except I eat cookie dough as I pin workouts. But in my head I have all the intention of doing them so it makes it better… Plus naptime is totally the best, right? I save all my projects for nap time so I don't have little hands grabbing for things like hot glue guns and sewing needles.

    Also, I might steal this idea for Allie's room. It's adorable!


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