hey, remember that time i quit blogging?


So in case you haven’t noticed, I fell off the face of the (internet) earth for a little while. And by little while, I mean over a year.

I’m mysterious like that.

It was partially deliberate and partially unintended.
It’s not that I don’t enjoy blogging, because I do. But when blogging (and the internet) starts interfering with family time, and starts making me crazy (which it did; I’ll explain shortly), then it’s time to step back and get my priorities in check. 
Towards the end of the spring last year, I found myself complaining and whining about how I never have time for anything anymore, and how I was oh-so-busy. The ironic thing is that I was on summer break (hooray for college’s early summer vacations) and WAS NOT working. So how in the world was I so busy? How did I have ‘so little’ time for anything? 
I was spending too much time on the internet. That’s a little embarrassing to say. It’s not like I was ‘gaming’ all day on the computer, or even spending hours at a time on the internet. I was just making ‘pit-stops’ on the computer throughout the day. And those little pit-stops were adding up and taking up  time. 
So what was I doing on the internet? Wasting time. Pinterest, Facebook, news, blogs, blogs, and more blogs. I wasn’t doing anything productive. I was oodling over blogs filled with recipes, crafts, and home projects and then feeling inadequate because I fixed hamburgers for supper and I hadn’t touched anything crafty in months. I was using the internet as a tool for comparison. And nothing good comes from that. As Theodore Roosevelt stated, “Comparison is the thief of joy”. I just love that.

With that being said, I took a break from blogging and did other important things, like make a baby, and build a house. And then, when I decided to come back to my blog, lo and behold, I couldn’t figure out how to pay my $10 domain registration fee to Google. And they deleted my blog.

You read that right. I couldn’t figure out how to pay my $10 fee, and they shut my blog down.

So I read between the lines and figured a couple of things out:

1. Obviously, the good Lord was telling me to step away (and that I should never, ever, EVER teach an internet course).

and 2. I needed to focus on what I enjoyed about my blog. I needed to write what I wanted to write about. I didn’t need to worry about photoshop or html crap, and how my ole’ blog paled in comparison to others, but rather focus on what I liked to do: write.

It has been an awesome year for me and my little family, and I have enjoyed every single ounce of it. But, lately, I’ve had a tug on my heart to get back to this little ole’ blog of mine. I’ve missed writing. I’ve missed connecting. And I’ve missed sharing all of the little things that God leads me to do.

So I’m back. My blog is still very plain. My pictures still aren’t edited. I still have no clue what HTML code is. And I haven’t updated any of my pages or done any ‘fancy’ work to this thing.

Buttttt, I made a new human this past year, and that does count for something!

Have a Blessed Thursday!


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