I turned 29 this month.


That’s one year away from 30. THIRTY!

I’ve decided that I have two options here. The first option is to panic and start dreading the big 3-0, telling myself I’m old now, and destined for the remainder of my life to contain white Keds (before they were popular again), high-waisted Lee Ryder jeans, and minivans. -OR- I can ‘own’ it.

And really, I think I’m going with option 2. I’m not going to lie. In the days leading up to my birthday, I started feeling old, and that scared me a little. I suddenly felt like ‘young and 20-something’ was not applicable to me. Thirty seemed grown-up and serious. I had a little pity party after the kids went to bed, watching Friends re-runs on the couch, realizing that I was now older than their characters were portrayed to be. Talk about a punch in the gut!

And then right before bed, on the eve of the last birthday I’ll have in my 20s, I felt ridiculous. I’M ANOTHER YEAR OLDER. Do you know what that means? That means God has so mercifully blessed me with another year of life. That’s a pretty big deal. I’m thankful for that. For another year as a wife, as a mom, and as a daughter of the King.

So I fell asleep that night, thinking about how fortunate I was to have another year under my belt, and how I appreciate the good stuff that comes with age.

I’ve decided in this 29th year of life, that I’m going to be sassy. I don’t know why, but the first day I woke up after my birthday, I just felt sassy. I think, in the course of one night, I decided that I could do what I wanted to do now, and I could tell people what I really wanted to tell them now, AND I would give significantly less ‘craps’ about what people thought of me now. Freeing thoughts, people!

I also decided, in the same course of that night, that 29 is going to be the year that I “DO”. I’m going to say ‘YES’ to the things that God lays on my heart for me. I’m going to say yes to doing those things that I really want to do, but tell myself I don’t have time for.

And blogging is one of those things. I started blogging in 2011. And I enjoyed doing that.just.so.much. And then life and responsibilities shifted so I stopped. And really, I’ve missed it since I stopped. I don’t have any regrets about quitting, because I was able to focus on more important things during that season of my life. But now, I’m feeling that tug again. And as long as I’m feeling that call, I’m going to answer it.

After all, that’s what 29 year-olds do now.