wreath tutorial.

Here’s the 2nd part of the fall wreath tutorial. Check out the first part here. All of these high quality photographs were taken a la me.

You will need:

Scraps of fabric (whatever you have will work), hot glue gun and glue sticks, scissors, burlap, foam wreath, and a dessert. Trust me.

To begin, cut strips of burlap. The width is up to you. Whatever burlap width mood you are in for the day. However, I found that the a width of about 3-4 inches works well and doesn’t bunch up.

Next, add some hot glue to the back of the wreath and attach the end of a burlap strip.

Wrap the strip tightly around the wreath and secure it on the back of the wreath with more hot glue.

Next, and this is a critical step, eat something sweet. It will help you keep your strength.

This is a sugar cookie, with a little bit of cream cheese icing and a few strawberries thrown on top. The strawberries make me feel like I’m eating something healthy, which then allows me to justify eating 3 of them at one time. Try to eat just one of these. I bet you can’t. I can’t. I surrender every time. Am I the only one who does this? My willpower for dessert is at an all-time low. Good thing bathing suit season is on its way out!

Continue the burlap process and the strawberry cookies until your wreath is covered and your teeth are tingling.

Now, allsyagottado is add your fabric/felt/burlap rosettes.

I quit taking pictures after this. I was tired and my teeth were tingling. But position the rosettes however you see fit. Go crazy! I usually lay them all out in a way that tickles my fancy. Then I go back and hot glue my rosettes to the burlap, and then add a little glue to connect them to one another. It helps them to stay in place. I glue my rosettes to the front side (opposite of the burlap-glued-back-side. I tend to over-describe).

A couple of things:

Burlap is itchy (totally agree, Brandi!). And it doesn’t cut perfectly, for me at least. I found a tutorial for cutting burlap. I did it for a while, and then I got lazy. I like for my wreaths to look a little messy anyway.

You can totally make this a cheap project. In fact, here’s one thing that can totally cut the cost:

Source here.

Use a pool noodle as your wreath! I’m sure these will even be on clearance soon as summer ends!

(I’m dreaming up a challenge to create the cheapest thriftiest Christmas wreath. Pool noodles, old socks, old shirts, the cheap works! Stay tuned for that!)

Let me know if you’ve got any questions or suggestions about the wreath! Please also let me know if you have the willpower to eat only one cookie at a time. I need your secret. I need your counseling. My jeans are begging for your help.

Have a blessed Monday 🙂

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5 thoughts on “wreath tutorial.

  1. THANKS SO MUCH for posting this! It looks really easy! And I would LOVE to do a cheap wreath challenge. You should totally do that!



  2. Okay what in the world?? I was reading this whole thing saying “Yup… Yup… *Gasp! There's another person in the world who gorges on sweets while crafting!!!! …and yes, burlap cutting is much easier when you're lazy.” It's like we're brain twins. Anyway, my go-to dessert is cookie dough and I often find myself consuming multiple spoonfuls but no one…NO ONE can take just one spoonful of cookie dough. You have my complete sympathy.


  3. Didn't you get the memo? The vitamins in the strawberries, cancel ALL the calories from the cookies & icing! Have as many as you want. (or that's the lie I always tell myself) 🙂
    I saw the pool noodle idea on pinterest, these ppl are soo creative! I went tons of places looking for them, Big Lots was the only place that had any. Who knew they were that popular?? Hobby Lobby also has wreaths 50% off this week, I think straw ones are $2.00! My crazy, into everything, I wish Mommy would let me drink toilet water, child doesn't allow me much crafting time anymore.. so I added velcro to my rosettes & I can change them out with seasons w/out making a new wreath. Thanks for the tutorial & making me super hungry, I think I need to go binge eat cookies now! 🙂


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