the little old house tour after

I’m back today with some ‘after’ pictures of our little old house. In the spirit of keeping things cheap thrifty, I decorated using mostly things I already had or hand-me-downs from others, or things I got from flea markets/yardsales/Goodwill. In fact, the only ‘new’ furniture we actually bought for the house was a small kitchen island I got at Walmart and refinished, a computer desk, and a small buffet I got at TJ Maxx. Everything else was a hand-me-down, or came from our old rooms in college and at our parents’ houses.


Our tiny back porch, aka, Ben’s room.


After. We added ‘winders’!


After. I don’t know how I talked Ben into letting me use a pink Shabby Chic shower curtain. With 2 boys in the house, its gotta go 😦


After. Pssst, the only ‘new’ or ungifted things in this room are the curtains and the lamps. And that’s the original front door. Love!






After. Psst, we dug our kitchen table out of an old, abandoned house and gave her a slap of paint and antique stain.


After. Notice the ever-curious little bald guy eating a bookmark.


After. Totally need to make this a family pic to match the ‘before’ pic. Also, please note our luxury pool.

Landscaping a la cheap. Rocks from the mountain on our farm.

By the way, THIS is what the wiring in our house looked like before. Looks a little sketchy, eh?

So there it is, most of our ‘updated’ little old house. It’s totally not the Ritz, but it’s home. We’ve lived in this little old house for 2 1/2 years now. I laugh when I think about that, because I originally thought we’d be here a year and then we’d magically have enough money to build our dream house. Rookie. When we first moved in I was hestitant to spend any more money doing anything to the house because I had my eyes focused on building. I don’t know how many times I’d catch myself saying “I can’t wait until we build our house”. Or how many times I’d complain about the size of the house, or the age of the cabinets.

Level floors, new cabinets, and solid walls don’t make a home. A home is made by the people living in it and the attitudes they have about their situation. Sure, there are many days that I find myself wanting to hurry and build. But in reality, I know that one day Ben and I will look back on this time we spent in this little old house and say it was some of the best times of our lives. It’s where my great-grandparents started out as newlyweds and lived until the day they died. It’s where Ben and I began our new lives as husband and wife. It’s where we first brought PB home from the hospital. It’s where he’s learned to crawl and where he’s working on taking his first steps. This is priceless. No dream home can ever give me this.

This is my home now. I can choose to wish my life away, waiting for a day for us to build our dream house, or I can choose to bloom where I’m planted and enjoy every little thing about this little old house, unlevel floors and all.


the little old house tour before.

I’ve mentioned our dear, sweet little old house several times before on here. But in case you’ve missed it, here’s the lowdown:

We live in an old farmhouse that’s over 100 years old. It belonged to my great-grandparents. When we started the remodeling process, we imagined we’d slap a couple of coats of paint on the wood-paneled walls and everything would be just fine. What we didn’t see behind those walls was a century’s worth of termite damage, meaning that the majority of the wood in the house was destroyed.

My great-grandparents and my granddad (as a baby) on the front porch of our little old house.

 The back bedroom (which is our bedroom) had been shut off from the rest of the house. It was being used as a storage shed. It had dirt floors, y’all. Literally, underneath the carpet was a dirt floor. Once we started the demolition in that room, we began to see just how bad of shape the rest of the house was in. We hired a dozer to come and dig the dirt away from the house. Years of erosion and a poor guttering system had caused mud and dirt to build up around the house, which was keeping the house damp and creating a termite paradise. The dozer came to work and told us that we should honestly just burn the house down and start from scratch. He was the first of MANY people to tell us that. Others told us we were just plain crazy, and after you see the pictures, I’m sure you will too………..

As we started ‘digging’ out around our bedroom and the bathroom Notice the rotting floor beneath the tub on the right.

With the help of a single handyman and my family, we were able to get the house into a livable condition in 6 months. We gutted the entire house, except for the kitchen. It was a later addition to the house, so it was in the best condition. We essentially rebuilt the house from the inside. The house had asbestos shingles on the outside, so we did all of the work from the inside, and then added siding to the outside to ‘sandwich’ the shingles.

Asbestos shingles and our ‘non-existent’ bedroom window.

Our ‘mansion on the hill’ as we begin remodeling.

Bathroom before.

The old tub. Yummy.

Living room before. Wood panel paradise.

PB’s nursery before. Check out the unlevel floor.

Our bedroom. Yep.

The kitchen before.

The ‘study’ area and bathroom.

We tried to do the remodel as budget friendly as possible. We added beadboard to the walls instead of drywall (except in the bathroom). We also used as many second-hand materials as we could, including using salt-treated wood from an old, demolished playground. We used pergo flooring, which looks like hardwood floors, but is cheaper. It has proved to be incredibly durable for us. We don’t have a central air unit, so instead we use gas logs for heat and window units for air. We added more insulation, a new roof, ceiling fans, and new siding, which helps regulate the temperature and keeps the house surprisingly comfortable.

The floors in our house are still noticeably unlevel in our less-than-1000-square-foot house. Until last year, our water pipes would freeze during the winter and we’d end up washing our dishes in the bathtub. The backdoor leaks water onto our covered porch and we swear that when we leave the house, an army of mice have a huge block party. I say all of this to show that it isn’t structurally perfect, but its perfect for us. Home is what you make of it. And right now, we are making this little old house our home

What about y’all? Have you tackled any remodeling projects lately? Did people call you crazy, too? Or are we really just plain crazy?

‘After’ pictures to come tomorrow! Stay tuned 🙂

Have a blessed Tuesday 🙂

a college halloween party

If you decided to visit my blog after last week’s lingerie post, you are a good soul. I’m in a fall/Halloween mood, and I’ve got another gem for you. If this doesn’t scare you away, then we are best virtual friends and I know you’re here to stay. I decided, after reading the lingerie post, that you probably wouldn’t understand the significance of lingerie story unless you understood me and the fact that I’m a class A nerd.

A nerd. A big ole’ NERD.

When I was in college, I was nerd. My friends (nerds, too:) and I did nerdy things, like hang out in the vacant dorm and watch movies while the rest of the kids were at a party. Or throw objects out the dorm windows at people who were getting home too late. We even did homework. Wild, I know.

Anyway, I met Ben and started ‘hanging out’ with him my 2nd year of college. At the time, he lived in a house with about 4 or 5 guys. That house had a bit of a reputation as a party house. It seemed there was some sort of party going on over there at least every couple of weekends. Initially, Ben and I didn’t go to any parties. I refused. I blame it on Dateline. Friday night Dateline. If you haven’t watched it, please do. You won’t sleep in hotel beds or go to college parties after you do.

The house was hosting a Halloween party and Ben wanted us to go. A college Halloween party. What does one wear to a college Halloween party? In 4th grade, I was a bag of jellybeans. I wore pink tights and a plastic trashbag and my mom stuffed it with balloons. Would this be appropriate?

After a couple of weeks of him begging, I decided to throw caution to the wind, and go to the college Halloween party. I did some Facebook research and noted that a jellybean costume would probably not be a good bet. So Ben and I decided to go as Dog and Beth, from Dog, the Bounty Hunter. Nerds, I know:

Please note, those are NOT, I repeat NOT, my real ‘girls’. I can dream though, right?

 The day of the party came and I was nervous. Before I went to college, my mom told me, “Don’t be anywhere you wouldn’t want Jesus to come back and find you”. What if He came back when I was at this college party, dressed like Beth from the Bounty Hunter, with balloon boobs? All kinds of thoughts ran through my head. What do you do at a party like this? Do they have food (my first question, always)? Do they have Scrabble? Will there be a bathroom? Is there music? Do they play the electric slide? The macarena? Do they have a costume contest? What happens if the police come? Who would post my bail? I will assure you that at this particular house, the macarena was not played, nor did they play Scrabble.

I decided to try and play it cool, like I was a natural college Halloween party girl. When we arrived, we hung out in the parking lot for a little while. Hey, this wasn’t so bad. I was talking to a few of Ben’s friends, and they were complimenting us on our costume. I was feeling pretty cool at that point. We decided to make our way inside the house. Big mistake.

I was behind Ben walking in the door, and when we got inside, he got pulled away from me for a few minutes. I was by myself. It was dark and they had those black lights that make everything glow in the dark. Instead of looking like a total nerd and standing in a corner by myself, I decided to be cool and talk to some people at the party. I must have spoken to at least 15-20 people. I still had my sunglasses on. I was feeling totally hip.

I finally spotted Ben. I ran up to him and started jabbering about something and about 20 seconds into the conversation, Ben says, “Oh my gosh Britt, your teeth are glowing!”

What? What in the world was he talking about? My teeth glowing? What the……..O.M.G.


I have two veneers on my lateral incisors (the two teeth beside your two big front teeth). I have what they call peg teeth, which means that my two teeth grew, but they never finished growing. So they were smaller than the rest of my teeth. Now I’m telling secrets on myself. This can’t be good.

“Oh my gosh Ben, are you serious? Please tell me you are joking. PLEASE, if you have an ounce of decency about yourself, tell me you are joking. I just talked to half of the people here, and you’re telling me that my teeth are glowing?”

I ran to the bathroom, making sure to keep my lips sealed tight. I turned off the bathroom light, and opened the door. Sure enough, my two veneers were shining brighter than the sun. WHAT THE FRIGGIN’ HECK!? Why didn’t my dentist tell me that my teeth would glow in the dark at college Halloween parties? Why didn’t anybody tell me? I seriously talked to half of the people in that house, and nobody told me. What were they thinking of me? And Ben! He didn’t even know I had veneers. We hadn’t been together that long. I couldn’t face him again. Could I climb out the bathroom window and not be noticed? How would I get home? Call my parents and have them come pick me up, balloon boobs and all?

Do you ever have those times in your life when you want to crawl in a hole and hide? This one of those times.

After spending about 10 minutes in the bathroom, contemplating every possible escape from climbing out the window to digging a hole near the drain pipes, I walked out. Ben was waiting on me. Covering my mouth, I told him I was sorry for taking so long in the bathroom. I said that I was completely embarrassed and wanted to go home. He said that was fine.

We got in the car and he told me that he had braces when he was growing up. And that he thought my teeth were still pretty and ‘clean’. He said the night was still young, and I should take my balloon boobs out and we should go trick-or-treating. He didn’t know it then, but he had just solidified himself as the one.

Moral of the story: If you have veneers and you are a backwards nerd, don’t go to a college Halloween party where they have black lights. And for pete’s sake, don’t go somewhere you wouldn’t want Jesus to come back and find you!

Have a blessed Monday 🙂

P.S. Thoughts and prayers to those affected by Irene. Ben’s family came and stayed with us this weekend as evacuees. Hopeful that you all are safe and can rebuild quickly 🙂

the awkward lingerie moment

Let me preface this by saying that I am backwards. I’m awkward, really. I get easily embarrassed and/or uncomfortable about certain things. So embarrassed/awkward/uncomfortable that every time my mom tried to give me ‘the talk’ growing up, I sang the Star Spangled Banner or plugged my ears so I didn’t have to hear it. Not because I was rebellious, but because it made me feel too embarrassed/awkward/uncomfortable. See? Backwards. If you decide not to read my blog again after this because you think I’m just too weird, I totally understand. This story will only make sense if you imagine a truly awkward individual conquering one of their greatest public fears. And still yet, it may only make sense to my best friends, for the know how truly awkward I am. 

Okay, on to the story. Over the weekend, I went to a lingerie shower for a friend. Which meant that I actually had to go to a store, in front of people, and buy lingerie. I wish I could really express how awkward this is for me. Seriously, my face is turning red as I type this. This story proves, in my opinion, that God has a sense of humor.

Anyway, I headed out to a department store and slyly made my way to the lingerie department. I made sure no one was around and I quickly grabbed a little ‘outfit’. I’m surprised security wasn’t called on me because I looked more than suspicious. I grabbed another shirt off of a rack to conceal the ‘little outfit’ so that no one could see that I was carrying lingerie. Weirdo, I know.

I walked around the store looking for the shortest checkout line, with the youngest female attendant. I rounded a corner, and bingo! Only one other person in line, and an attendant that looked close to my age. You know, at least if she was closer to my age, she might not give me a look. Or worse yet, judge me.

I got in line and realized that the lady in front of me had a return, so it was taking a little longer than usual. No biggie, I thought. I still had the lingerie concealed in the shirt, and nobody was behind me. After about 2 minutes in line, I realized that something was wrong with the return. So the cashier called for another cashier for assistance. And that, my friends, is when it began.

The other cashier showed up. She was probably in her late 40s, glasses on her nose, and not a smile in the vicinity. She was very stern and not very pleasant. She began helping with the transaction, which, at this point, had taken about 5 minutes. I noticed that there was now a line forming behind me. Stay cool, Britt, stay cool. There was a man in his 60s behind me in line. He started a little small talk about the weather. And that led him to started talking about his granddaughter, who was a missionary in South America. Beads of sweat started popping out.

It was finally my turn at the register. Dangit! The stern lady with the glasses had replaced the other cashier. I laid my shirt on the counter and slowly unwrapped the lingerie. She gave me a look. I told her I changed my mind about the shirt, and didn’t want it anymore. Cool, I know.

At this point, the older man behind me was still talking to me about his granddaugher, the missionary. I was starting to itch, as I always do when I get nervous. The stern lady was trying to ring up the lingerie but it wasn’t registering. So then she, too, called for assistance. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Another cashier showed up, a male in his later 40s. The stern lady was waving the lingerie around, trying to get it to ring up. She gave it to the male cashier and there he was waving the lingerie around, trying to get it register. By this time, there was at least 5 people in line behind me.

I was sweating. Bad. My messy bangs were now glued to my forehead with sweat. Pit stains were forming on my shirt. I had made the stellar decision to wear a tight gray shirt that day, perfect for displaying rings o’ sweat. After at least 3 minutes of trying to ring up the lingerie, both cashiers decided that the register was broken, and we needed to walk to another register. Oh em gee.

So we (2 cashiers, the missionary’s grandfather, hell’s angel, and the 5 other people in line) proceeded to walk halfway around the store, while hell’s angel I led the pack carrying the lingerie. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was red and wet. Soaking with sweat. My skirt was sticking to my behind and the rings o’sweat had gone out of bounds.

The stern lady cashier rang me up. I asked her, very loudly, if I could have a gift receipt BECAUSE THIS WAS FOR A FRIEND. She gave me another look. I wanted to tell her that I wore my 1991 Busch Gardens t-shirt to bed last night. And that lingerie made me itch. And that I supported South American missionaries. And that I still watch the Golden Girls and still spell ‘es’ eee’ exxx’ instead of saying the word.

It didn’t matter. She knew. She could smell the fear. A teenage girl most likely, pretending to be an adult, buying lingerie for a ‘friend’. One of my greatest public fears had now morphed into a nightmare. I was forever scarred.

I grabbed the bag and the gift receipt and walked out of the store, vowing to never buy lingerie in public EVER AGAIN. Here that, friends? If you have anymore lingerie showers, I will not buy you lingerie. I will buy you a crockpot or an apron or a towel warmer. NO MORE LINGERIE. EVER.

A lingerie shower cake my friend and I made for another friend. I blush every time I see it.

the ‘not-guilty man syndrome’ (and a thankful thursday)

My husband has, what I like to call, the ‘not-guilty man syndrome’. He’s been dealing with this since I met him, and the condition hasn’t improved.

A mere few examples:

Example 1: Ben can’t find any of his annoying little black socks, so it is obviously MY fault. “I can’t find any of my socks, Britt, what did you do with them?” I don’t know! I ate them? I wore them? I used them as rocket launchers? How the bleepity bleep am I supposed to know where they are?

Example 2: Ben has lost his cell phone. “Where did you put my cell phone Britt?” Ben has an iphone. I have a 1990s-era Motorola Razr. I don’t even know how to use his stinkin’ phone, so I don’t mess with it. After he’s literally convinced me that I used it last to check my email (?!?), I find it in his bookbag, in his car.

Sometimes my husband has a hard time admitting (cough) when (cough) he’s (cough) wrong or when something is his fault. And it seems that I know several men like that. Maybe I’m just a lucky gal who’s surrounded by men suffering from the ‘not-guilty man syndrome’? Maybe there is something in the water where I live?

Or maybe I’m not alone? Do you, too, dear imaginary friends, know of any member of the male species suffering from the ‘not-guilty man syndrome’?

Is there medicine for this? Therapy? Support groups? What do you do to cure a ‘not-guilty’ man?


Today is Thursday and I’mma thankful girl! This week, I’m thankful for:

holdin’ his PB for the first time 🙂

1. My dear, sweet Ben. Even though he’s currently suffering from the ‘not-guilty man syndrome’, I still love him so.very.much. He’s an amazing husband and dad. I couldn’t ask for a better ‘best’ friend to share my life with. He knows me better than I know myself and he’s my better half. He lets me eat first, and he gets me 3, yep, I said THREE, scoops of chocolate ice cream at the gas station every Sunday. He’s a keeper 😉 

2. Prayer. I’m so thankful for the power and peace of prayer this week. It seems I know so many people that really need prayers right now, and I am so thankful for the peace, comfort, and power that prayer gives.

3. Seasonal weather. As silly as this seems, I am so thankful for seasonal weather. I live in an area where we experience all 4 seasons, and I love it. My favoritestestest season (fall) is upon us and I am so thankful for the incredibly beautiful fall season we have here. College Game Day, pumpkins, and chili beans are right around the corner, y’all!

4. My church. There is just something about my church that makes me feel all ‘homey’ (and not the gangster kind). I go to a little ole’ country church that just oozes Jesus. The smell of our little old wooden church every Sunday morning reminds me that I’m loved. The church we go to is literally 50 yards from our little old house. In fact, my great granddad helped to build it. We walk to church every morning, and our dogs go with us. Yes, we have religious dogs. They’ve never missed a service. They sit outside the church every Sunday morning and wait for us all to come out. I love my church family. And I love our church dinners. A guaranteed 5 pound weight gain after every church dinner. Fo’ real.

my mamaw on my wedding day 🙂

5. My mamaw. She’s 68, still works full-time, and has the body of a 25-year old. She’s one of the most incredible ladies you’ll ever meet, and she would literally give you the clothes off of her back if you needed them. She loves the Lord and she truly embodies the idea of selfless living. She is the most humble and giving person that I know. I’m thankful that she’s my mamaw. And I’m thankful that she’s got a heart the size of Texas and a spirit that just warms me up. I hope I have half of her energy and spunk at that age.True stories, Ben and I took her ice-skating 3 years ago, and she skated circles around us. She took Ben and I ‘line-dancing’ a few years ago, and we tired out wayyyy before she did. She’s legit!

my thifty life: couponing for rookies by lindsay

Today, I’m kicking off my new series My Thrifty Life, with a guest post from Lindsay. To read more about this series, check it out here. Take it away, Linds!

Hello, Knewlywifed Fans!! My name is Lindsay and I write a little blog, Lindsay’s List. I blog about my daily musings on food, exercise, family and faith – quite poorly, I might add. A few weeks ago, I wrote about a frugal-living conference, Becoming 2011, that I had attended. I must have done a good job making myself seem like a couponing pro, because Britt, naïve as she is, asked me to guest post on the topic. Ha! Fooled you, Britt, but thanks for the mic!

***Disclaimer: Contrary to popular belief, I am NOT a couponing expert. In fact, I’m somewhat new to the couponing scene. I started last year, out of necessity, and haven’t paid full price for ANYTHING since! The tips I’ll share are what work for ME and MY FAMILY. The way you coupon might be completely different. And that’s ok. The spectrum is wide: you can stockpile cans of tuna fish until your stash grows so big that it topples out of your daughter’s closet. OR you can clip a coupon per week and be done. Do what works for YOU!! (But please don’t complain to me when your family gets Mercury poisoning).***
Knowing HOW TO START might be the biggest deterrent for many new couponers. I think my best piece of advice is: BUY WHAT YOU NEED!! Buy only what your family will eat or what you can get for free and give away!! Don’t clip coupons for junk food if you only eat organic. Ask yourself this simple question: Would I buy this item if I didn’t have a coupon? You aren’t saving any money and you’re wasting your precious time if the answer is no. Buy what you’ll use and leave the dog food for those who actually have. a. dog. Also, when you find an item on sale, you’ll want to buy enough of it to last for 6 weeks. That’s roughly the amount of time before the item will go back on sale. Your GOAL: Only buy items that are ON SALE, and have a matching coupon!!

After you’ve determined what you’ll use and how much you need, you can make a grocery list. And that’s where online help comes to the rescue.

  • Check out online couponing sites

I’m what you might call a “lazy” couponer. I get most of my tips from an amazing site, Southern Savers. If you’ve never been there, go immediately! (well not immediately, read my post first Smile ) Jenny, the founder, takes all the guess work out of couponing and makes it easy for lazy housewives like me. There are a handful of other sites that are similarly set up – KrazyCouponLady, CouponMom. Here’s how Southern Savers works. Jenny takes the store ad that comes out each week and pairs current coupons out (newspaper, online, catalinas) with the store sales. Each week, you can go to S.S., make your shopping list, print or clip your coupons, and head to the store.

But where do I get coupons? Here’s just a few, of MANY, places…

  • Newspapers: I personally buy 2 Sunday newspapers a week. We’ve just made it a habit of swinging by Bilo on our way home from church each Sunday. There are anywhere from 1-3 coupon inserts each week, but if a coupon is a high value one, you’ll wish you could get your hands on more. So that’s why I buy two.
  • Online printables: Sites like, SmartSource, and Redplum are all great places to start. For organic foods, try Mambo Sprouts. I also use Southern Savers coupon database. You just type in the product you need a coupon for and the database will search for it! You’ll need a decent printer and ink cartridge if you want to print a lot.
  • Catalinas: These are the little guys that come out at the cash register after you’ve paid. They’ll have the grocery store’s logo on them, but if you’ll look closely, many say “Manufacturer’s Coupon, meaning you can use it at any store.
  • Facebook: Companies will “buy” your friendship. No, seriously. “Like” as many companies as your little heart desires. Most have coupon tabs where you can go print coupons.
  • Samples:, Walmart, and AllYou are great places to sign up for free product samples. A lot of times, companies will also send along a coupon or two with the sample. Double score!!
  • Birthday clubs: Sign up for as many “Birthday Clubs” as you can find. Franchises will often send you a coupon for discounted or sometimes free items, just for being in their club.

Now onto organization…

This part comes naturally to me because I like to be an organized control freak. Some others (cough…my sister..cough) have a huge pile of coupons just laying out on their dining room table. Again, do what works for you. But I’d dare to say that a lot of you readers are mommas pressed for time, so organizing your coupons could be a small way of giving yourself just a little sanity!

I use TWO forms of organization: an accordian file and a small coupon binder.

  • Accordian file: After I buy my two Sunday papers, I take out all the inserts and file them away by date. Once Jenny posts the sales ads for the week, I can see where she has mentioned a coupon and go find it. There’s no need to clip all the coupons out of the insert. File it away and use the saved time to take a bubble bath. Or, organize your tuna cans. Whatever.
  • Small coupon binder: I use this binder on a daily basis. Printable coupons, catalinas, older insert coupons…they all get filed in this binder. I like to take my binder INTO the grocery store with me. That way, if I see something I just have to have (aka chocolate), I can look in my binder and see if I have a corresponding coupon. I organize this binder into sub-categories so finding a coupon while in the grocery store is quite easy.
And that’s it – a crash course in beginner’s couponing. I hope that it gave you some insight into the world of couponing and how easy (and fun) it can be. Couponing has proven itself to be a great hobby for me. It can be EASY to get overwhelmed at first, but well worth your time. If you would like to ask me specific questions, shoot them to me at or visit Lindsay’s List.

Lindsay lives in North Carolina with her husband and two children.  When not playing house, she’s a personal trainer/fitness group instructor.  Her blog, Lindsay’s List, chronicles her daily life and advice on fitness, food and faith.

Check out Lindsay’s blog, too. I love it! I bet you’ll leave her blog feeling like you need to whiten your teeth and pull out your Denise Austin workout DVDs? No? Just me? Okay….. 

Thank so much, Lindsay!

If you would like to contribute to the series, shoot me an email at therookieyears{at}gmail{dot}com.

Have a blessed day!

couplah announcements

First, please pardon the mess on the blog. Knewlywifed is under construction! Yep, I’m updating the ole’ bloggaroosky. Because I’m technologically challenged, the wonderfully talented Erika is helping me out. Look out, y’all. I’m heading towards the 21st century. I like to pride myself on being a couple of years behind on all major trends. My Motorola Razr speaks volumes to this.

Second, and I’m really pumped about this, I’m introducing my first series on the blog called My Thrifty Life. And I need your help. The goal of the series is to provide tips, tricks, suggestions, and advice for living a thrifty life, or as my blog bud Charlotte says, living well on the cheap. The subject material can be broad, ranging from anything from couponing to savings and everything in between.

So here’s the part where I need your help….contribute! How do you ‘live well on the cheap’? What are you doing to save money? Are you a superstar couponer? Are you the Urban Meyer of meal planning? Do you have any tips for spending less money on your shopping trips? Do you decorate your home with hand-me-downs? How do you do it? And maybe you don’t live a totally thrifty or frugal lifestyle, but perhaps there is one thing you do well that saves time or money. Letta girl know!

If you’ve got something to share, please do so! Email me at therookieyears{at}gmail{dot}com for more information about guest blogging.

Tomorrow, I’ll kick off the series with a totally rad (is that word even used anymore?) post from Lindsay on a rookie’s guide to couponing. It’s gooooood. Realllllly good. My whole family was pumped.


 So stayed tuned for that!

P.S. Thank you for your prayers for my neighbor’s family. I know they’ll still need them as they face a new day.